Discover Which CenturyLaminates Suit Your Style Perfectly
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Discover Which CenturyLaminates Suit Your Style Perfectly

Discover Which CenturyLaminates Suit Your Style Perfectly

Are you getting ready to design your new home? Are you stuck in the middle of your renovation process and do not know how to proceed? Are you in dire need of help to figure out which laminate design will suit your style perfectly? Then you stumbled upon the right blog!

Today, we are going to explore the different types of CenturyLaminates that would go perfectly with your personality and style. Whether you like subtle designs, loud colours, funky patterns or traditionally charming designs, CenturyLaminates has something for everyone.

For the Ones Who Love Sophisticated Subtle

If you are someone who adores a touch of subdued elegance, then Silk Tuff European Matt Finish laminates are the perfect choice! Silk Tuff high-pressure laminates come in a range of beautiful pastel colours but the show-stopping range is the marble designs. Get the beauty of stone surfaces and the convenience of laminates in one product. These laminates are antiviral and will add beauty to your spaces without looking over-the-top.

For the Ones Who Love Bold Colours

Discover Which CenturyLaminates Suit Your Style Perfectly

The high-gloss sheen of Lucida laminates is bold, flamboyant and eye-catching. If you love to stand-out in a crowd, then these are the laminates for you. Great for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, dining area, living room area and more, Lucida’s flawless shimmery surfaces can become the focal point of any room. They are available in every colour imaginable so that you can turn your dream surfaces into reality.

For the Ones Who Love Luxurious Textures

Ditch the normal and choose CenturyLaminates textured laminates. They are available in many attractive designs and textures like fabric, stones, floral and more! These textured laminates add a new dimension to your overall home decor. If you are an admirer of uncommon and unique styles, then textured laminates will suit your style.

For the Ones Who Love Vintage

Are you someone who appreciates vintage styles? Do you want to add some rustic, traditional and natural charm to your interiors?  Then you should opt for CenturyLaminates woodgrains and veneer[AD1]  collection. They come in different patterns that effortlessly mimic the natural beauty of solid wood. Elevate any furniture into statement furniture with our classic range of woodgrain[AD2]  & veneer look alike patterns.

Discover Which CenturyLaminates Suit Your Style Perfectly

You can choose to opt for one type of laminate or mix and match with the different designs, colours, textures and patterns to create your own personal style. Go through our latest LookBook 2020-22 to find the latest, most trendy range of award-winning CenturyLaminates and choose the one’s that reflect your style:

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