Why is fire retardant plywood a necessity?
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Why is fire retardant plywood a necessity?

Unfortunately, more than 10,000 lives are lost due to fire accidents every year in India. From huge business losses to financial crisis, people suffer a lot due to these accidents. Thus, taking safety precautions are very crucial. Small right choices during initial stages can prevent huge future losses.

Are you designing/renovating your home or work place and don’t know what building materials are the best to enhance the safety proportion of the respect?

If yes, then Centuryply presents the most valuable option for you!

Century plywood now comes with a new technology which makes it the most safe plywood out in the market: Firewall.

But what is so special about this technology and while wood is a conductor of heat, how does this technology make wood a fire retardant?

Firewall technology- The latest innovation by CenturyPly

We at CenturyPly are always striving for the best. Our new firewall technology- Aag se bachaye is one such revolutionary innovation. We have successfully created a fire retardant plywood which can effectively save lives and has been certified the best in class to fight fire accidents. The solid engineering behind this product involves the use of nanoparticles, giving it in class firefighting properties such as:

1. Low Inflammability: This firefighting plywood has low inflammability and it takes upto half an hour, that is, 30 minutes for fire to even flame its surface.

2. Slow Fire penetration rate: Under standard test conditions, the 19 mm thick plywood can shield for about 50 minutes before the fire penetrates through, this gives us an ample amount of time for rescue and even gives enough time for the arrival of proper help.

3. Very less toxic and smoke emission: About 70% of fire deaths are due to inhalation of toxic fumes. The Firewall technology- Aag se Bachaye has low smoke properties and is engineered in such a way that it emits negligible toxic fumes which successfully prevents suffocation in hazardous situations.

4. Structurally strong: The Firewall stays intact for a long period of time and it even has self-extinguishing properties i.e., it can extinguish fire on its own upto a certain limit and can prevent it from spreading further.

5. Non-Hygroscopicity: The Firewall is almost unabsorbent to moisture and thus prevents hardware elements from corrosion. This helps in keeping it structurally intact during fire hazards.

These are not just statements, but facts bound with authentic validation. The genuineness of this technology is that it has been implemented in accordance with Indian standards (IS 5509) and even International standards (American standards ASTM E84, British standards BS 476). 

And here’s the catch…

You can get this technology at no additional cost. 

So hurry up and get your Firewall- Aag se bachaye CenturyPly plywood now!!

You can read more about the technology and you can also refer to the test certifications here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology


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