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Innovative Use of Antiviral Century Plywood in Furniture Making

Innovative Use of Antiviral Century Plywood in Furniture Making - CenturyPly

There is no better option than plywood when it comes to making furniture. It has almost replaced solid wood due to its unique characteristics, added features and ease of working. Homeowners and office owners alike have been choosing plywood for interior decor. It looks sleek and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

With great advancements in technology, manufacturers of plywood have tried to make it resistant against microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi too. We have developed a technology called ViroKill that has been embedded in the polymer matrix system  of various products. ViroKill Plywood is highly resistant against viruses, fungi, microbes and bacteria. It safeguards homeowners against many diseases that are spread by microbes. It kills any germs that come into contact with it and has 99.99% efficacy. 

The best use of antimicrobial plywood is in furniture, as more people come into contact with it. You can design a perfect home using plywood furniture. Here are some ideas you might like:

Plywood bookshelf for your living room

Books are not just a knowledge mine, they can add sophistication and elegance to any place. Consider placing a bookshelf in your living room with color coded books. Since, bookshelves are constantly being touched by us to pick up books or placing them, it is essential to have ViroKill treated plywood or blockboards to be installed for bookshelf furniture.

Complement your armchair with a coffee table

Innovative Use of Antiviral Century Plywood in Furniture Making - CenturyPly

For days when it’s raining outside, you can comfortably sit on your armchair with a book while the hot coffee rests on a round coffee table. Because plywood is so easy to maintain, the spillage can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Moreover, ViroKill treated furniture ensures all germs coming in contact with the table being killed. 

A touch of elegance with a wooden TV cabinet

A flat screen TV sitting on a wooden cabinet looks classy and luxurious. It has a  charm to it, and whether you place it in the drawing room or your bedroom, it will always catch people’s attention. Plywood T.V. cabinets look just as beautiful as the ones made out of solid wood, but at half the cost. Make sure to use ViroKill treated plywoods for your TV cabinet.

Sleek bedside table

A bedside table isn’t just handy to keep your phone, laptop, books, etc. It can make your bedroom look more aesthetic. Try placing a flower pot, photo frame, and lamp on your bedside table, and you will notice how different your room feels. Plywood makes it look sleek and tidy. Moreover, a bedside table is a furniture you are constantly touching as you keep your phone, books or other essentials on it, hence, make sure to use ViroKill treated plywood for the same.

One of the most creative ways of incorporating furniture hygiene is using antimicrobial & antiviral CenturyPly plywood. These can not only be used for home furniture, but also in making office desks, conference tables, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and even in washrooms, making the workplace highly hygienic and safe from microscopic and disease-spreading organisms.

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