Demystifying CenturyPly's Firewall Technology: What Every Business Needs to Know
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Demystifying CenturyPly's Firewall Technology: What Every Business Needs to Know

Businesses spend a great amount of money and time decorating their interior spaces to create an engaging and safe environment for their workforce and customers. Well, a good interior is not just colourful walls and advanced and attractive furniture; it also includes safety from external factors such as fire, water damage, or any other kind of damage. How do we make sure that our interiors are protected? 

Taking all your worries away with years of warranty and promises, CenturyPly provides the ideal raw material. Products designed with advanced technology to make your business workspace look modern and elegant with the highest grade of protection. One of the most advanced technologies to protect your spaces from fire damage is CenturyPly's Firewall technology.

Table of Contents:

What is Firewall Technology?
What Goes Inside the Firewall Technology?
Wrapping Up

What is Firewall Technology?

Firewall technology is an engineered science applied in different plywoods by CenturyPly to bring out your beautiful innovations to reality. Being a cross-sectioned treatment, it does not just protect the plywood from the covering but from the inside, which makes the products everlasting. 

The plywood constructed with the Firewall technology comprises nano-engineered particles embedded within the plywood's matrix. With this technology, the plywood prevents the spread of fire across the space. As shown in demonstrations, CenturyPly plywood with Firewall technology has been shown to catch fire after 30-35 minutes. 

The popular products of CenturyPly with firewall technology are:


What Goes Inside the Firewall Technology?

Use of Nanoengineering

CenturyPly plywood with Firewall technology is made with nanoengineering particles, which can withstand fires and any kind of ignition breakthrough. You don't have to be concerned regarding the fire spreading if it were to touch this plywood's surface. 

At this moment, you must concentrate on putting off the fire and protecting the people and things around the workspace.

Low Smoke Generation

A major problem for any piece of wood furniture made of plywood is the quantity of smoke it can produce if it catches fire. Century Ply plywood with firewall technology ensures that less smoke and harmful gases are produced during a fire, combining certain chemicals. It additionally reduces the chance of suffocating or getting gas poisoning. 

Thus, it becomes evident why you should go for Century Ply plywood with firewall technology over standard plywood.

Slow Penetration Rate

It takes roughly 50 minutes for any kind of fire to spread across the top layer of firewall technology, having a thickness of 19 millimetres, according to conventional settings for any fire attack. 

Within this time frame, people, essential paperwork, and belongings can be quickly evacuated to a more secure area, and firefighters can put out the fire.

Water Resistance

With the Firewall technology, CenturyPly plywood additionally prevents moisture absorption from the surrounding air. This characteristic decreases the work required for the upkeep of any extra hardware pieces that rust when exposed to moisture content. 

Even if you soak the plywood with water, it won't come off since it dries off the top layer very quickly and prevents moisture from penetrating.

The Structural Composition

The integration of adhesive products, nano-engineered treatment, and the inherent durability of wood allows the Firewall plywood to maintain its structural strength. Plywood resists fire penetration by forming multiple layers of protection that enable it to withstand severe heat.

Understanding the features of CenturyPly Firewall technology used in plywood, all your concerns regarding any exposure to fire and water can go away. The technology protects the plywood from even the moisture in the surrounding air.

Certification of Trust

CenturyPly believes in providing the perfect product to any business. Our products are durable, innovative and attractive to make your workspace complete with creativity and safety. CenturyPromise is the ultimate promise of our authenticity to provide you with the best products of the highest quality. CenturyPly plywood with Firewall technology is certified under parameters like spreadability, flammability, penetration and smoke development index by the following certifications:

Indian Standards IS 5509
American Standards ASTM E84
British Standards BS 476
Spectro Analytical Labs Limited
National Test House Report

Wrapping Up!

Fire is a hazard that can spread quickly, lead to safety issues for people in the surrounding, and destroy many valuable items. CenturyPly, as the leading wood manufacturer in India, trusted by thousands of businesses around the country, has created the Firewall technology that protects the plywood from burning. With the installation of our ArchitectPly and Club Prime plywood with the Firewall technology, you can also protect your workspace from any kind of fire incident.

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