Creating furniture for your new office space
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Creating furniture for your new office space

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to choosing the prime material for your office space. However, wood has been the favourable choice among them. And since plywood is an affordable and more eco-friendly alternative to wood, it is widely popular especially for office spaces.

But this is not all. If you choose a good brand, you can also cover other important aspects like putting a fight against termite and borer attacks or making furniture that does not disintegrate structurally or have qualities that make your office furniture more durable. 

If you are looking for a plywood that fulfils all the above-mentioned requirements and much more, then look no further. CenturyPly’s product Sainik 710 is exactly what you want.

Why Sainik 710 for office spaces?

Here, in this blog, we shall be listing a few pointers that make Sainik 710 just the product that can offer the solutions for the interior of your office space:

1. Economical Sainik: Office spaces are quite big when compared to our homes. Thus, technically it is not possible to style the interior with any premium wooden work unless you are willing to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Thus, Sainik 710 by CenturyPly is a safe choice as it comes at a reasonable price of Rs.102/sqft. Including the Goods and Services Tax. The affordability of this plywood makes it eligible for bulkier consignments and projects like that of a corporate space.

2. Ek Bharat, Ek Daam: With CenturyPly Sainik 710, you do not need to worry about your location. Even if you are living on the mountain tops, Sainik 710 still retains its promised price of Rs.102 per square feet.

3. Asli Waterproof: Unlike the self-claimed waterproof local plywood, which is just dipped in a chemical solution to give it a darker shade as that of original waterproof plywood, Sainik 710 is actually made up of phenolic resin that makes it waterproof, giving it a darker shade.

To prove this, Sainik 710 also passes the boiling waterproof test (BWP) that a fake waterproof plywood fails in just one hour.

4. 8 Saal ki warranty: Giving all the above benefits, it is only worthwhile to add that Sainik 710 comes with an overall warranty of 8 years against the borer and termites. 

So, along with so many benefits at such an affordable range, we, as a renowned brand, also promise to not break your trust in our Sainik 710 plywood and us, as a whole.

Read more about Sainik 710 in the FAQ section here:





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