CenturyExteria: Give your house the wow-factor
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CenturyExteria: Give your house the wow-factor

Imagine it’s a late night kind of work day and you drive home all tired. Wouldn’t you want to be welcomed by a beautiful house?

 Give your house the wow factor and let everyone passing by stop and stare. Beautiful houses catch eyes and leave your guests and visitors stunned. Achieving a beautiful house is now an easy task when you give equal importance to your exteriors, as much you would to your interiors. 

When constructing a house or remodeling an old one, people often tend to invest time and effort on interior design. It is imperative to equally spend time on picking your exteriors to give your house an all rounded finish. Design and durability needs are both met by picking good exteriors. To give your houses an additional layer of style and strength, pick CenturyExteria.

What is CenturyExteria?

Centuryply is India’s leading manufacturer for plywood and housing needs. With an intention to meet all your construction needs, Centuryply designs newer technologies and high quality products. Exteria is one of Centuryply’s products that is engineered to make your homes beautiful and keep it that way for a long time. These are external wall claddings that can be easily installed to level up the look of your house.

How Does it help my house?

Exteria comes in multiple colours and styles which can instantly turn up the beauty of your exteriors. Adding wall claddings can be an additional layer of décor to your exteriors. Apart from meeting your style requirements, Exteria comes with utility and safety benefits which are compelling reasons why one would pick wall claddings –

     Added strength and durability : Exteria is resistant to high impact and can withstand pressure and strain to keep it from deforming. Staying in shape, it ensures maximum safety to your walls.

     Resistant to weather: Constantly changing weather conditions can decay and damage your walls. Exteria acts as a barrier between bad weather and your walls as it is resistant against the harsh weather conditions, dust, scorching UV rays, rains and storms. Withstanding all kinds of climatic factors, you can now stop stressing over your exteriors being prone to damage.

     Options: Now you can pick exteriors that suit your aesthetic. We provide you a wide range of options in wood-grain, stone, abstracts in multiple shades. To express your persona, pick what catches your eye.

     Firefighting walls: Protection against accidents and mishaps, keep yourself prepared with walls that give you an added layer of safety. Exteria is fire retardant based on the European standard of EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A.

     Double hardened resin: Securing a stronger frame, double hardened resin ensures ultimate durability. Wall cladding that is made out of single hardened resin can be brittle and easy to disintegrate. 

Is it another added chore to maintain?

Beautiful homes come at the cost of easy maintenance. Not only are they easy to care for but they are also easy to install. CenturyExteria does not require a specific cleaning regime making your maintenance task easy. Being eco-friendly, it is also easy to disassemble and reusable when you need it. You can now use your wall cladding when it’s needed and take it down once your occasion is done.

If you’re hosting a quiet dinner or inviting over a group of friends for a party, keep your homes prepared to stun your visitors. With simple but significant efforts, you can add the x factor to your walls. CenturyExteria is your perfect partner for all the occasions you want to up your style.

You can learn more about CenturyExteria here: https://www.centuryexteria.com/ 


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