Reasons why wood veneers are expensive and how to choose them?
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Reasons why wood veneers are expensive and how to choose them?

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Are surfaces with veneered wood any good?

The answer to the big question

         ◆ They are not your regular wood

         ◆ High cost and permits

         ◆ Decorative appeal

Product range offered by CenturyVeneers

         ◆ NatzuraWoods

         ◆ SenzuraStyles

         ◆ Progetto Wood

         ◆ Dark Forest

What is CenturyPly veneer visualizer tool

Reinvent your interiors with grace


Whether it is about home refurbishment or purchasing just any product, people get drawn towards products that fall a little bit on the expensive side. Do you? Well it is because the cost of a product is mostly directly proportional to the value it offers. This value can come in many forms.

When we talk about quality veneers, such as those offered by CenturyVeneers, the value comes from the quality of the wood used. There are more factors to it. That is why, this article will clear all your questions about why veneers are costlier than plywood. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the best veneer for your home decor.

Are surfaces with veneered wood any good?

In a word, yes. The most important benefit is that it is less expensive than using pure solid wood. Natural veneers are not just beautiful but they are also extremely durable and provide the benefits of hardwood at a lower cost than having a whole piece of furniture made out of such expensive wood. It is a great alternative way of using quality woods in the right areas.​​​​​​​

The answer to the big question

The quality wood veneers are expensive as they offer exceptional designs, various shades of wood and authentic dense wood. The following are the main reasons for the high value costing of wood veneers:​​​​​​​

1. They are not your regular wood—

Wood veneers are basically a thin slice of wood obtained from a tree log These are obtained from trees such as maple, oak, rosewood , sheesham etc. The enriched texture, wood grains and authentic solid wood is not readily available in the market due to constraints.

2. High cost and permits—

The amount required as a security deposit for each tree cut down is more than Rs 34,500 for individuals and for commercial projects is more than Rs 57,000 with a refundable component of Rs 25,000 to ensure compensatory plantation. Thus, allowing only permitted and authentic brands such as CenturyPly to procure these expensive quality wood. They are the prime providers of such a material. They follow the guidelines and even contribute in planting more trees through drives.

3. Decorative appeal—

To give a finishing and decorative look, veneers are glued on to various types of bases such as plywood and MDF boards. They are a popular interior material that are used to finish a variety of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes and more. Most commonly, it is used by interior designers to improve the appearance of your posh interior.

Wood veneers from CenturyVeneers come in a variety based on wood species, grains, cut, and so on. Read further and check out their product range.

Product range offered by CenturyVeneers

CenturyVeneers offers a variety of wood veneers to complement your interior design. Explore available options given below:

● NatzuraWoods

● SenzuraStyles

● Progetto Wood

● Dark Forest

What is CenturyPly veneer visualizer tool

You can choose the best designs suitable for your home by trying the CenturyVeneers Visualizer Tool available on their website for free. This is a great way to plan out your home decor if refurbishment has been on your mind for a while now. After properly going through the designs you can make your final purchase decision for the designs you loved the most. With all the beautiful veneers available at CenturyVeneers, you will definitely find something great.

Reinvent your interiors with grace

Veneers are made from only the best quality logs from around the world. This aids in the production of high-quality natural veneers to meet a variety of decor and style requirements.

Since now you know everything about quality veneers and where to find the best ones, it is time to revamp your space.

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