Redefine the aura of your house this festive season
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Redefine the aura of your house this festive season

With the festive season just around the corner, it is definitely understandable if you are planning to spruce up your home. However, instead of only renovating your interiors this time why not take things up a notch and amp up your exteriors too?

Get that dream home appeal for your home by giving a brand new look to your exteriors with some exquisite exterior wall cladding. With a wide range in wood-grain, stone, abstracts, and even solid colours, CenturyExteria is your perfect companion when it comes to decorative exterior laminates.

Why Choose CenturyExteria for your home?

When it comes to your interior decoration needs, there’s one name that shines the brightest amongst all - CenturyExteria. Being the country’s most trusted name, CenturyExteria ensures that all its products are of premium quality with the latest technology available. Continuing to its legacy, CenturyExteria brings the best of exterior wall cladding available in a plethora of designer shades and patterns. However, CenturyExteria even though a relatively new venture, doesn’t only impress you with its face value but also offers a wide variety of incredible features which makes it the perfect companion to redefine the aura of your house!

Some of the key features of exterior wall cladding by CenturyExteria are as follows:

1. Tough and Sturdy :

The homogeneity in the composition along with the density of the core in CentruyExteria wall cladding ensures high pull-out strength and dimensional stability.

2. Impact Resistant:

Wall cladding by CenturyExteria is completely impacted-resistant. No dents or dimples develop on the cladding thereby ensuring your exteriors remain as pristine as new for a long time.

3. Fire Retardent :

With EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A fire retardant, CenturyExteria ensures your safety in case of the unfortunate event of a fire. Thanks to this, you can remain stress-free about the protection of your house.

4. Ventilated facade system:

The Ventilated facade system by CenturyExteria panels makes sure that your house has natural ventilation and also aids in reducing heat absorption. So for proper ventilation in your home, these exterior wall claddings have got you covered!

5. UV Resistant :

CenturyExteria uses its homegrown quality resin and makes it double hardened to make the exterior laminates ready to fight back environmental adversities like UV radiation, thermal radiation, moisture, and much more. Therefore, no distortion takes place even in extreme climatic changes.

6. Acoustic Resistance :

CenturyExteria offers a dry cladding solution that aids your home to be resistant to outside noises like traffic at night. Thereby, reducing external discrepancies and ensuring a more peaceful environment within your home.

7. Double hardened resin:

For its exterior grade laminates, CenturyExteria employs a double hardened resin. The reason for opting for these over single hardened resin is because the single hardened resin is brittle and thus not optimal for exterior purposes. 

So go on and revamp your home with a gamut of options and the best technology available in the country, using CenturyExteria. Learn more about CenturyExteria at this link:




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