CenturyPly's Fire-Retardant Plywood: Saving Homes and Lives one at a Time
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CenturyPly's Fire-Retardant Plywood: Saving Homes and Lives one at a Time

Wooden furnishings are beautiful, making your home look earthy and pleasant. One way of
creating an earthy home is making your furnishings with plywood. But what will happen to
your home and furnishings during fire accidents is always a matter of concern. Wood catches
fire very easily. But at the same time, if you purchase plywood from CenturyPly and make
your furniture with that, you won't be concerned about your furnishings then. 

Why is that? It is because the plywood sheets of CenturyPly are made with a unique fire-
retardant technology. You won't have to pay more for the technology either. You can use it as
a feature with your plywood without concern. 

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How Does Fire-Retardant Work?

The fire-retardant plywood is made using firewall technology. The firewall technology is
considered among the most reliable fire retardants in plywood since it has some significant
properties. During any unfortunate fire incident, the firewall technology will not only stop the
fire from spreading, but if you remove the source of the fire, it will put out the fire by itself. 
It is only a single property of the firewall technology, and the feature comes with many more
other properties that ensure the complete safety of your home or office. 

Be Prepared for Any Accident with Fire-Retardant Plywood

Fire incidents are avoidable, and they come without warning. When fire strikes, it will strike
all of a sudden. What you can do in such a situation is ensure that you prepare for it
beforehand. You can take some of the following preventive measures to protect your home:
● Use flame-retardant material for interiors
● Using quality insulated electric wires
● Install smoke detection systems

With the firewall technology in plywood, you can prepare for the worse and ensure your and
your family's safety. The firewall technology gives you more than just protection. And you
can explore why you should purchase plywood with firewall technology. 

Why Purchase Plywood with Fire-Retardant Technology?

The reasons why you should purchase plywood with the firewall technology are the

● Decreases the chance of fire incidents

Since you won't get a warning before any fire hazard occurs, it is better to have remedies
already. Fire-retardant plywood sheets come with a low-flammability nature. It reduces the
chance of any ignition or spark. The plywood of CenturyPly comes with an innovative
method and great technology. 

The firewall technology is made with nano-engineered particles in every grain of the
plywood. These particles ensure low-flammability properties, which decrease the chances of
any fire catching in your office or home by accident.

● Low emission and smoke generation

During any fire incident, if smoke emissions and toxic gases are released, it may lead to
extreme suffocation, making your evacuation difficult. However, the technological

advancements used by CenturyPly ensure that the fire-retardant chemicals used in the
plywood do not generate as much smoke or toxic gases that could harm anybody. It ensures
the safety of you and your loved one and allows you to evacuate without any trouble. 

● Time to escape any fire incident

A major issue that will be caused during any fire incident is having time to escape. Your
furniture will quickly catch fire and become impossible to escape. To solve such a challenge,
CenturyPly has ensured that the fire-retardant technology delays the spread of fire on the
material's surface. 

And the chemical infused in the plywood stays composed even when your plywood might be
burning down to a crisp. It will take approximately 50 minutes for the fire to reach the core of
the wood. You have added time to escape and take your belongings and valuables. In this
way, if you not only evacuate but are also able to remove the source of the fire, then your
plywood will put out the fire on its surface. 

● Waterproof and weather-resistant

When purchasing plywood with fire-retardant quality, it is not the only feature you can get.
Your plywood will also be entirely waterproof. That means your plywood will remain
unaffected no matter how much moisture is in the air. Such a quality makes it perfect for
plywood also to be used in a bathroom or the kitchen.

In a Nutshell

CenturyPly has created some of the most revolutionary plywood sheets. And it has included
features that focus on your most significant needs. If you fear your plywood being damaged
by borer and termites, then CenturyPly has also found a solution. With CenturyPly, you will
not be concerned about any issues and can be assured that your furniture will last long and

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