Can your workstation be interesting too?
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Can your workstation be interesting too?

It has been over a year and we are yet to make a switch to our normal lifestyle again, especially the ‘work from office’ aspect of it. But while we are working from home, the clouds of monotony circle our heads with the same old boring table and chair, that we like to call ‘ a workstation’, to give it a professional outlook.

But really, is it a workstation? Does it have the proper ergonomics that should be there for a workstation? Does it motivate you to work tirelessly? Does it help you in motivating and enhancing your creative thinking?

If the answer to several such questions is no, you my dear, needs a definite transformation of your workplace!

Here are some of the many trending workstation ideas that might help you to give a new angle to your work from home life:

1. Playing with the wood tones: 

It is always a good idea to add vivid tones to your workplace. It helps you ditch the monotonous colour tones and help you think through the unexplored dimensions. If you think your job is not the most fascinating one, it still will be with the natural colours that you imbibe subtly through different wood tones that merge in each other.

Apart from the regular table and chair, you can enhance your space with other utility specific office stationeries like file holders or wooden pen stands. This will further your objective of adding more tones to the place.

Choose Club Prime plywood. It gives an elegant touch that your workstation deserves:

2. In an orderly way: 

Some of us might have that ‘OCD’ to keep it organised all the time. For that purpose, we should have the workstation with drawers so that at the end of the day, we do not mess up our tables and our minds, of course. It is better to have a wider area to yourself if you are a person who likes to keep it neat all the time. Bigger spaces give lesser scope to make it untidy.

In addition to this, you can also add a minimal wooden rack on the wall. This rack can be either used to stack your books or some eccentric showpieces or both! 

3. The greens that soothe you: 

With hardly any green views from the office buildings and a lesser number of terrace or balcony walks, our eyes do miss the refreshment that plants can give. Hence, while you are at home, adding different greens to your workstation itself is a good idea. Use Sainik plywood for this purpose as it is waterproof and termite and borer proof. This shall save your furniture from dampness and moisture that comes along the plants:

There are many indoor plants that need less care and add a positive vibe to your workstation.

These are some of the ways that you can choose to beautify your workstation with the help of CenturyPly. We will be coming with more interior ideas in our upcoming blogs. Keep on reading. 

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