Do not compromise on safety with Firewall
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Do not compromise on safety with Firewall

Some needs in life are basic. One of the types is materialistic needs such as the need for food, water, shelter, etc. Another type of need is a psychological and emotional need. Safety and security are the primary elements when it comes to this category of needs. A person can only live a satisfied and fulfilled life when these basic needs are taken care of. But alas! We sometimes do not realize this and move on with our lives, compromising with safety. Wondering how? Read on.

While constructing or renovating your dream adobe, you tend to take care of everything from your favorite color in your room, the look of your kitchen, the dining table style to minute details such as the material of your curtains. And you do this with all excitement and complete research. However, in the process of making your home aesthetically appealing and unique to your style, you somehow miss another equally important aspect - safety.

Not that you don’t consider the gates and locks of your home door properly, but safety from other life-taking accidents such as fire. Because we usually don’t think in that way. However, as many kinds of research show, fire-related accidents have increased by a significant percentage in recent times. Thus it is very advisable and far-sighted to make your home a mix of great aesthetics and safety. For this perfect combination, the house of CenturyPly has got you covered with the revolutionary plywood made using world-class Firewall technology.

Firewall technology is a phenomenal innovation in the furniture industry. Certified according to safety standards across the world, this technology has transformed the industry in a distinctly substantial manner. Engineered fire-fighting nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood under high heat and pressure, rendering fire-fighting properties to the plywood.

This fire-retardant plywood is your go-to solution for making furniture that is as beautiful as it is safe. In case of an unfortunate event, this plywood delays the spread of fire by a considerable time. It also reduces the amount of smoke generated, which in turn enhances the safety element for you and your loved ones by making the rescue operation easier to a great extent. 

Moreover, fire-fighting plywood is completely waterproof and resistant to borers and termites, so now you don’t have to ever worry about anything damaging your beautiful and precious furniture pieces. It’s time to put your imaging to work and make your kitchen and other spaces visually appealing with graceful and durable furniture elements.

So, the wait to renovate is finally over. You just discovered a secret to building safe and beautiful homes and offices. Live life to the fullest and never compromise on safety with the phenomenal Firewall technology. Read more about this amazing invention here:

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