Beds that are made up of blockboards
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Beds that are made up of blockboards

When it comes to your bedroom, it’s time you start paying more attention to the bed that you sleep on. After all, it is the most loved place after a long working day.

Everyone loves a bed that offers you full rest, and the best kind is the one with blockboards. Why you may ask? That’s because blockboards are sturdy and offer support to your back, neck, and head area. Beds that are made up of blockboards are becoming more popular as along with the comfort they offer simpler designs that don't take much space and are easy to construct. 

So, what is a blackboard?

Blockboard is a type of engineered wood that has a softwood strip core. It's made up of solid blocks of wood placed between wood veneer and cemented together under high pressure with various chemicals. You won't have to worry about warping or twisting with block boards because they have good dimensional stability. Because the inside is made of solid wood strip, less processing equipment is required, which makes on-site construction easier. It's simple to use and maintain. Since  a block board is relatively light, it is simple to transport and saves money on transportation.

Blockboards are treated with specialised adhesives under high heat and pressure, making them highly resistant to biological and chemical threats and makes them a valuable termite deterrent.

It's simple to keep clean; simply wipe away dust with a clean, soft, dry cloth; do not use water because it's known to retain moisture.

Blockboards come in various thicknesses of 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. Beds made up of blockboards are thick, sturdy and can be constructed in different shapes and sizes.They’re incredibly comfortable to sleep on—they wrap around you like a pod.

Blockboard beds can be a great alternative if a platform bed isn’t what you’d like to have. They might look similar from the outside, but they differ greatly from their counterparts under the sheets. At Blockboard, we know how important it is to keep your blankets and pillows safe and clean, so we have made sure that storage underneath your bed is not compromised. You can have a sophisticated modern bedroom without sacrificing comfort or style. Blockboards have no limits.

These days, becoming more eco-conscious is no longer a choice; thus, we must recognize the importance of greening up our living spaces — and we can do this with Blockboard beds, since they are environmentally friendly and pesticide free.


A good night’s sleep is now something that you can buy. CenturyPly provides eight different Blackboard bed options, ranging from economical to exquisite, to accommodate all budgets and ensure that everyone can afford a comfortable sleep. What a win-win situation. Visit the CenturyPly website to learn more about your options and get the rest you deserve.

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