Best Decorative Laminate Designs for House Renovations
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Best Decorative Laminate Designs for House Renovations


Covering the home with different laminates is a popular choice these days. The customisation option with a touch of difference following simplicity can be defined as elegant and stylish. The play with texture, colour and style of laminates gives such a stunning look that no one wants to take their eyes off it. We have sorted a guide below to let you apply the best decorative CenturyLaminates for house renovation. 

Table of Contents

Where Can You Add Laminates?

Styles and Types of Laminates

Characteristics of CenturyLaminates


Where Can You Add Laminates? 

With numerous spaces in the house to add laminate, it isn't easy to choose the best. A simple list of such possible places will help you clear your mind. 


Providing the laminates packed with numerous features, the kitchen cabinets and surfaces can be transformed into the most designed part of your home. Adding metallic touch coupled with lights and nature can give a different look. Geometrical patterns, colours, and textures bring the urban look applauding your taste.


Every house has wooden storage units. By intelligently choosing laminates according to the interiors and taste, anyone can transform them into decorative pieces besides being useful. Moreover, there is no compulsion to get new furniture for the endeavour. Just remodel them with laminates available from a multitude of choices. 


It is the place to sleep, relax, spend quality time and lie with boredom when ill. Spending the time there should be truly refreshing and eye-catching every time you enter the room. The customisation with glossy or matt laminate, light or dark patterns, solid or texture, and different combinations provide a lot of choices to imagine the most suited and calming type. 

Leftover laminates

Everyone has got some creativity within them. Utilise it to design your favourite small place or pet's home to intrigue yourself, your pet and visitors. 

Styles and Types of Laminates

There are massively huge ways to style the laminates. Here are some defining components to give the base to avoid getting confused. It will assist you in styling the pattern, which will be unique on the planet. 

Pastel colours bring brightness and a fairy-tale look, monochrome brings simplicity and elegance, yin and yang are for contrast lovers, warm generally signify happiness and cool colours represent calmness. The choice of light and dark shades depends on the size and natural lighting in the room. Colours affect the mood so choose accordingly. Match it with elements in the room or contrast it with other rooms. 

Textural choices vary in grains, wood or stone look, and metals. Coupling them with urban choices of minimalism and patterns of grey is in trend. Pattern variations include hexagons, stripes, checkered, and retro, to name a few. Apart from this, you have to decide on the laminate finish. Ranging from smooth, a variety of gloss levels, matte and other options, the furniture, walls and storage can be unique, stunning, and the best.

Characteristics of CenturyLaminates

CenturyLaminates coats the laminates with a special resin to bring scratch and abrasion-resistant laminates to the wall. It ensures a long-lasting new look with a mesmerising appearance as per the owner's choice.  

They provide BWR, that is, boiling water resistance laminates to protect the kitchen laminates. Besides, bore, termite, and other water-resistant properties make them the best choice.

The Virokill technology is the need of the hour, with numerous pathogenic microbes entering the body through food. It kills the microbes providing hygiene. The easy maintenance would not require spending long hours scrubbing the surfaces. A wipe with a sponge or cloth will do the needful. 

Providing a ten-year warranty, CenturyLaminates are there to hear and resolve any complaints concerning their products. 

Uniform sanding in the laminates prevents non-adherence with the surface, giving the perfect finishing. 

Colour fastness ensures the colour of the laminates remains intact, irrespective of the child's actions or mistakes. 


In a nutshell, CenturyLaminates are a great option for renovating the home. There is nothing to compromise with based on quality, characteristics and affordability. With numerous styles and options, giving an elegant look with unique features is easy. 

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