Be Stronger and More Impact Resistant With Virokill Technology
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Be Stronger and More Impact Resistant With Virokill Technology


Plywood is a more lightweight and durable substitute for wood. It is also the favourite of home decor or furnishing experts. Plywood can be used in structural, interior, and exterior applications. It can also be used to make your partitions and furniture. Hence, it is one of the most versatile building materials.

You always want the best when building or redecorating your home or commercial space. You take into consideration the colours, textures, look, and style. But more important are durability, safety, and affordability. Virokill technology in plywood provides you with all the benefits you can ask for.

Table of contents

Why Choosing the Right Plywood Is Important?

What Is Virokill Technology?

Benefits of Using Virokill Technology in Plywood

Beware of Fake Plywood

How To Choose Good Quality Plywood?


Why Choosing the Right Plywood Is Important?

Any construction, be it a house, apartment, or commercial building, must last long. Therefore, all the core materials used must be of high quality. If you use low-quality materials, you compromise on the longevity of the construction. That is a massive waste of time and money. Due to its versatility, plywood is used in many structural, external and interior applications. So it would be best to choose the right plywood for your space. ​​​​​​​

What Is Virokill Technology?​​​​​​​

CenturyPly uses Virokill technology for manufacturing their plywood. It involves specially designed nanoparticles with Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms for a complete safety protection mechanism.  The products developed using this technology opt for a contact-killing mechanism to keep their surface always safe and hygienic.​​​​​​​

Features of Plywood with ViroKill Technology

●​​​​​​​ It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

●​​​​​​​ It not only repels but also kills viruses.

●​​​​​​​ The plywood with Virokill technology also has some additional striking features: it is borer and termite-proof  as well as boiling waterproof.

Benefits of Using Virokill Technology in Plywood

Post the pandemic, a lot of importance is given to keeping spaces clean and virus free. Used for structural or decorative purposes, it keeps your home clean and hygienic. The plywood is chemically treated during the manufacturing process. This certainly makes the plywood more durable and strong. Mentioned below are a few advantages of using Virokill technology in plywood.


Since the plywood is chemically treated in its manufacturing stage itself, the antiviral and antimicrobial properties are embedded well throughout. Therefore, it repels attacks by termites and protects your furniture. Hence it increases the life of the products where plywood is used.


If you invest in low-quality or regular plywood, you will not get the added benefits. After regular or long use, the plywood may succumb to termites or moisture. It may require repair or replacement. This is a massive waste of your time and money. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in  plywood infused with virokill technology.

No Refills or Replacements

So the antimicrobial properties do not deplete over time. Furthermore, this plywood is also thermostable. Therefore, even when exposed to humidity, moisture, and heat, it retains its amazing properties.​​​​​​​

Beware of Fake Plywood

Since plywood is a versatile material, many duplicates are available in the market. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to ensure the originality of the product.

CenturyPly has come up with a unique solution. All CenturyPly plywood come with a unique QR code. All you need is the CenturyPromise App on your phone. You can scan the QR codes using the app and find out if the product is genuine.

How To Identify A Genuine High-Quality Plywood?

When you want to buy high-quality, branded and durable plywood, check for the following things:

1. An IS:303 or IS 701 should be present. Check for the ISI mark printed on the board.

2. A CML number will also be printed on the board. It is always best to authenticate the CML number since ISI marks can be faked.

3. Scan the QR code on a CenturyPly product through the CenturyPromise app. It tells you if the plywood is original or fake.

4. Ensure that there are no gaps in the cross-section of the plywood.


We understand how much care and attention is put into building a home or a commercial space like an office. Even when redecorating, the purpose is to improve functionality and add style and appeal to the place. But to make a space look beautiful is not the only intention. The time, money, and effort spent should be worth it. Therefore, investing in the best materials is always a good idea. Virokill technology in plywood gives you all the benefits you would want from A-Grade plywood. Furthermore, for the rest of your furnishing needs, you can always shop from CenturyPly.

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