A store on your screen: How to navigate through it?
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A store on your screen: How to navigate through it?

Table of Contents:


      CenturyEshop Is Now Available PAN India

      Smooth Like Butter Navigation

      Product Range and Details

      Ease Of Sorting Options

      Categories Available

      You Can Compare Products Alongside

      A Complete Package For Easy Purchase

      Order And Return- With A Click

      Uprooting The Issue Of Duplicacy

Since the advent of e-commerce in India, people have become more aware of their options when purchasing anything. The ease of online purchase has reduced the problem of accessibility of quality products.

However, for more than a decade, this was prevalent only in industries such as clothing, books, and technological gadgets. The Indian furniture and plywood markets, on the other hand, had yet to embrace e-commerce. 

CenturyEshop Is Now Available PAN India

CenturyPly is the market leader in the Indian plywood market. In fact, we are the first to have launched an E-Shop which started in June 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

Initially, the E-Shop operations were available for limited cities only. But with the expeditious growth paired with the digital consumption during lockdown it is now running PAN India!

Smooth Like Butter Navigation

While the site is appealing in itself, it offers buyers a convenient navigational experience throughout your purchase. The products are displayed clearly along with their details and dimensions.

Product Range and Details

All products at CenturyPly come with warranty details, superior quality ply, EI Emission compliant, termite and borer proof. You can find these details mentioned at the site. The range of products provided at the CenturyEshop include:

● Laminates

● Plywood

● Doors

● PVC Boards

Ease Of Sorting Options

The site offers you the very convenient options to sort products as per your requirements and budget. The sorting options include:

● City-

Your specific area

● Location-

Your State/ Union Territory

● Price range-

Your budget as per the requirement

You can select from the price going from maximum to minimum or the other way around. Furthermore, you can easily sort your state and city to get options better available in your area.

Categories Available

You get the option to pre-define your categories if you already have made up your mind regarding a specific type of material.  Just fill in your category specifications and run the search. The site will show you filtered results as per your demand. It is as simple as that!

Here are the major categories available at CenturyEshop:

● Sizes-

The dimensions of your material

● Thickness-

The width of the material or boards

● Category Heads-

Product specific category such as colors

You Can Compare Products Alongside

This is a rather unique and an interesting feature as the site allows you to compare your products side by side. You have to simply select your best and most suitable options and compare them alongside. The parameters of product descriptions and details are mentioned alongside each product.

A Complete Package For Easy Purchase

From a convenient registration and sign up to a smooth purchase system through the cart, the site offers super easy navigation. The site offers you facilities including:

● Quick Registration

● Easy Account Setup

● Shopping Cart

● Wishlist Option

● Product Comparison

● Smooth Transactions

● Ease of Customer Support

Order And Return- With One Click

Something that builds the customer-brand trust is the process of Orders and Returns. CenturyPly takes its quality products and customers very seriously. Their refund and return policies are straightforward and easy to comply with. The site offers customers with all guidelines and details for order cancellation if needed.

The products are returnable before or even after dispatch. The payment money is also fully refundable to customers, however, the transportation charges are to be borne by the customer in case of return.

Uprooting the Issue Of Duplicacy

There is more to the E-Shop than just functionality and the ease of purchasing original CenturyPly products. The market is rampant with counterfeit plywood, and customers are frequently duped into purchasing it. This is no longer an issue now that the site is operational PAN India. Along with that, the brand also has a new app that verifies the authenticity of your plywood; CenturyPromise.

Customers can buy directly from the website, just like any other online purchase, and receive high-quality material delivered to their door from the CenturyPly warehouse. This is a great step by Centuryply in eliminating the issue of duplicacy in the market! Scan karo aur raho befikar!


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