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Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke

new-age building material, Century PVC Starke is creating a wave in the interior decor space with its unimaginable design possibilities, ease of use and budget-friendly prices. 

PVC sheets are extremely handy when you need to amp up the look of any area of your home or office. This is mainly because:

  • PVC panels are available in mesmerising color combinations and designs, offering you myriad ways to add vibrancy to your interiors.

  • PVC sheets are hassle free to maintain. They are waterproof, decay-proof and have a high resistance to impact, swelling, slamming and weather variance.

  • They are highly customisable. You can change the patterns and designs as per your choice and taste.

  • The lightweightedness of PVC sheets make it an easy-to-install decor material. 

If you are wondering about what designs to make with Century PVC Starke, here is a slew of images that will inspire you to let your design juices flow.

1. Warm Wood - PVC sheets can effortlessly mimic the warmth and classic charm of solid wood but at a marginal cost. Use them as wall panels, makeshift-ceilings or bed headboard in any of the bedrooms in your home.

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

2. Stunning White - If you are confused about what design to make, an alll-white interior decor idea can never go wrong! Use the sheets as it is for a polished and sophisticated look.

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

3. CNC Cutting Design - One of the most beautiful and popular designs with PVC sheets is CNC cutting design. These machines help you achieve intricate patterns that make your home or office look plush and elegant. The ‘jaali’ is a go-to design option.

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

4. Simple Contrasts - PVC Sheets are completely waterproof, which makes it ideal for use in areas that experience heavy exposure to water, moisture or humidity conditions. Use it to add contrasting textures, patterns and colours in any such area and take your interior design a level up.

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

5. PVC Sheets & Lights - These sheets are super versatile and though they are enough on their own, they can look even more ethereal when used with lights. Use judicious use of white or yellow lights and carefully designed PVC Sheets to introduce more style into your home decor.

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

If you love these designs and want to incorporate into your next building or decor project, head over to our website and check out the magical world of Century PVC Starke: https://www.centuryply.com/NAP/Starke/ 

Create Stunning Designs Using Century PVC Starke - CentruyPly

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