A Glossy Kitchen Makeover with Lucida Laminates
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A Glossy Kitchen Makeover with Lucida Laminates

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Thus, when the kitchen feels beautiful, everything else in your home also does. Nothing is more satisfying than cooking in a room where the interior reflects your expression. But sometimes, even after putting in many efforts to select the type of cabinets, the style of crockery, the color on walls, etc., something feels incomplete. And more often than not, it turns out that the pop bright shiny vibe is that missing puzzle piece.

Spruce up your kitchen with our range of glossy high-pressure Lucida laminates, which come in all shades from vibrant red, classical teak to zebrawood. These high-gloss scuff resistant laminates have charming reflective surfaces and make all the difference in setting a brighter space and lifting the vibe.

Sounds smooth, right? Let’s know a bit more about these beauties. Keep scrolling!

Scuff Resistant

These high-gloss beautiful laminates bring life to the kitchen that lasts for ages. Lucida laminates have the highest resistance to scuffs and thus your kitchen would shine like a diamond without any scuff on it. Moreover, this feature makes these laminates highly functional and low maintenance. You can enjoy cooking without worrying about leaving unwanted marks on the surface.

Mirror Like Shine

If you want to make your kitchen more special than other spaces in your home, Lucida Laminates is the way to go. These exquisite laminates have surfaces that are so shiny that it feels like a mirror. They come in all shades, from bold solids to textured wood and can instantly add a modern and worldly touch. They are made under a high-pressure condition and thus, can resist abrasion and rough usage.

Antiviral & Antimicrobial Surface

Like every other laminate manufactured by CenturyLaminates, Lucida Laminates are also antiviral and antibacterial in nature. These laminate sheets are embedded with the new ViroKill technology, which renders the antiviral properties to them and is completely non-hazardous if that is what you are thinking of. It effectively kills 99.99% of the viruses, bacteria and germs that land on its surface. This feature ensures that you don’t miss on hygiene while choosing the best makeover for your kitchen.

Want to add a contemporary sheen to your kitchen? CenturyLaminates has got you covered. From bright solids to patterned wood, there’s everything shiny that one can imagine. Keep your kitchen beautiful, smooth, and scuff free. Head over to the LookBook to know more wonderful things about this High-Gloss Scuff Resistant Lucida laminate.

Catalogue link: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/catalouge-lookbook.php

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