Why is Firewall Technology So Talked About
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Why is Firewall Technology So Talked About

Firewall Technology is a revolution in the plywood industry. It has changed the game of safety and is much talked about for all the right reasons. This indegenious technology has been notably developed keeping in light the escalating fire-related accidents in the country.

CenturyPly has always been the front-runner in applying innovation at work, and this clear policy has been the cornerstone of designing the Firewall technology too. That being said, this blog will focus on many aspects catering to multiple reasons in the popularity of Firewall technology.

Duly the Best-in-Class

Certified as the best in class by Indian, American & British standards against parameters such as flammability, rate of burning, flame penetration, smoke emission and more, the revolutionary technology comes with a pool of advantages, such as the self-extinguishing property of the fire-retardant plywood that is tested to protect lives and property.

Permanent Magic

The polymer matrix of the plywood is embedded with specially engineered particles, giving it first rate fire-fighting properties. Since the particles are deeply ingrained and not just applied to the core, the fire-retardant plywood maintains its veritableness all through. Be assured as it remains unaffected by laminating, painting or polishing.

Provides Life Saving Minutes

In an unfortunate event of fire, a piece of wooden furniture can usually burn in the blink of an eye. The fast fire penetration is what makes evacuation impassable. To cater to this problem quandary, the fire-retardant plywood has been created such that it takes more time for the plywood to catch fire, giving sufficient time to people to rescue and protect lives and priceless belongings.

Easy Breathing with Less Smoke

One of the major concerns in case of fire-related accidents is emission of toxic gases and extreme smoke formation which makes the rescue process challenging. Owing to this problem, CenturyPly plywood embedded with nano-engineered particles considerably cuts on smoke generation and makes it easier for you and your family to breathe, and make practical decisions in times of panic.

Apart from this, the plywood does not delaminate with water and moisture, making it perfect for creating beautiful furniture for every space in your home. To your surprise, it is also chemically tested against borers and termites to provide you utmost peace of mind.

Now you must be sure as to why this revolutionary technology is so acclaimed. If you are planning to renovate your home, leave no stones unturned to provide safety to yourself and your loved ones with the fire-retardant plywood. Find more about the technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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