Design long lasting kitchen interiors with SAINIK
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Design long lasting kitchen interiors with SAINIK

Table of Contents:

➔ Introduction

➔ Home buyers in India

➔ Give your house a new wood—Plywood

➔ Why is Sainik Plywood recommended for kitchens?

           ◆  Right moisture content and density

           ◆  Withstands heat and moisture like a pro

           ◆  Holds no place for borer and termites

➔ Asli Waterproof Plywood


Interior design has become an integral part of modern society. It is nowhere near the ancient architecture or the meticulous detail work. However, industrial advancement has brought us to much better ways of using raw material in different areas of our home.

Industrialization has brought about so many new materials that serve great functionality. One of them being plywood. In this article, you will find all the benefits of quality plywood such as Sainik710 which comes from the house of CenturyPly. We will be discussing everything about its features, unique advantages and price. Let's start with it.

Home buyers in India

Building a dream home with the comfiest balcony arrangement, a trendy modular kitchen or a study room with aesthetic vibes, every Indian home buyer has something planned. People have a rough idea for their home in their mind. However, actually building a home with the preferable decor takes years. It has been recorded that the age bracket of most Indian home buyers is 35-45 years. 

Age of Indian Home Buyers

Age Bracket
35-45 years
45-55 years
25-35 years
Under 25 years

This means that when you put so much effort into a dream home, you want nothing but the best material. That is why Sainik 710 is the best plywood for your kitchen! We will now go over some of the unique features of Sainik710.

Give your house a new wood— Sainik710 Plywood

Engineered wood such as plywood has become one of the most popular materials in the past few decades. It is used in almost every home. As a matter of fact, 20% of the interior decor of a home is composed of plywood products these days.

Plywood is made up of many layers of wooden plies and synthetic glue. The manufacturing process of leading plywood brands such as CenturyPly names it Glue Line Plywood (GLP). It involves gluing down the ply layers under high pressure and heat to make them bind firmly and securely. So what made this product such a widely accepted material across the globe?

One of the few reasons is that it offers functionality and appeal just like wood. It is strong, it is dense and there are many more additional features to modern plywood which are discussed further in the article.

Why is Sainik Plywood recommended for kitchens?

Kitchen is a typically wet and humid area of a home due to the heat from cooking and water from washing dishes. Therefore, a quality plywood is a must for these areas of the home. Here are some of the many reasons why Sainik710 is one of the best and most suitable for your kitchen:

A strong and dense ply has a moisture content between 5-15% as per The Bureau of Indian Standards. Sainik710 from the house of CenturyPly is manufactured as per the industry standards. It has the right moisture content and binding that makes your modular kitchen so durable.

2. Withstands heat and moisture like a pro—

Over the long run, local plywood gets worn out. Opening and closing of kitchen cabinets regularly can lead to bending, chipping or warping of the plywood to some extent. That is why Sainik710 is a perfection. It has the strength to withstand heat and moisture allowing the original design to be unchanged for years.

3. Holds no place for borer and termites—

Sainik710 plywood is highly resistant to termite infestations. Infact, the GLP grade plywood kills any borer and termite that comes in its way. It is perfect for your kitchens as it brings beauty and strength to your homes. Moreover, CenturyPly provides an 8-year warranty to make  sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Asli Waterproof Plywood

There are many 'waterproof' plywoods in the market that are just plywoods with varnish that prevents water from ruining the plywood. But with time, the layer of varnish depletes and that is when the plywood gradually starts getting affected by water. Sainik710 is a boiling water grade plywood. It is tested for quality by boiling the plywood at a temperature of 100 degree celsius. Even then, the Sainik710 plywood shows no separation of plies and it remains completely intact.

Leading plywood brand CenturyPly labels it as ASLI WATERPROOF plywood. It is CenturyPly’s most reliable plywood that comes at a price of Rs 105 per unit* [*unit = 929 sq cm] including GST. Learn more about SAINIK 710 here:

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