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Latest Trends for Doors in 2020

We all know that whenever we are renovating our house, we pay attention even to the tiniest of details. This is because we want to make a great first impression on people and leave an indelible mark in their hearts. The easiest way to do this is through a set of memorably designed doors, both interior and exterior.

Exterior doors are an extremely integral part of our identity. It is the first and foremost detail of our identity that a stranger can see. It is prudent to carefully choose a front entrance door that not only keeps your loved ones safe but enhances your image in the eyes of the beholders of the door. On the other hand, interior doors also perform not only a practical function of separating rooms inside the house but also greatly adds to the aesthetic value.

After understanding the emotional and cultural values that a customer associates with a door, manufacturers worldwide constantly work hard to provide them with a range of designs that ultimately become their identity. Some design trends flourish while some falter. Take a look at these door trends for this year that will allow you to enhance your curb appeal and stand out.

1. Hinged doors or sliding doors?

Latest Trends for Doors in 2020 - CenturyPly

Hinged doors are considered to be the perfect exterior doors. They either swing inwards or outwards, depending on how the door has been fastened. Although they have been considered to be classics or more conventional than other door designs that are unusual, these doors have time and again proven their worth with a number of benefits they offer-- they are extremely sturdy and safe, highly customisable and often made with quality plywood, solid wood, fiber cement, MDF and so on.

On the other hand, sliding doors are more suited as interior doors. You can easily opt for a hinged door for your interiors as a separator for the rooms, but be mindful that because it's in their nature to swing open, they occupy a much larger space. Sliding doors in comparison, significantly save space and also visually expand the space. They are convenient, elegant and allow an abundance of natural light into the house.

2. Panelled doors

One of the most popular designs is a two or three equal panelled door. They are favoured due to their symmetrical design that exude sophistication and old-world charm. People love the way this design lends itself to customisation, allowing it to fit into many different architectural styles. Unequal panels make for a more unconventional and unique look that livens any space.

Latest Trends for Doors in 2020 - CenturyPly

3. Grey & glazed designs

The brown wooden doors are still going strong but grey as a natural choice for doors is gaining popularity. Grey stained and glazed doorways exude a modern ambiance, mixing perfectly with various shades of black and blue that complement each other to create unforgettable entrances.

4. Fiberglass and fiber cement

Though wood frames are some of the most time tested materials, fiberglass and fiber cement are up and coming choices for doors. They are low in maintenance, strong and can be made to mimic wood-like appearance

Latest Trends for Doors in 2020 - CenturyPly

5. Arched doors

Throughout history, arched doors have been seen as a sign of opulence and great taste. They are perfect for a vintage ambiance, creating a neo-modern look and feel. Arched doors are favoured by those who want something unique for their entrance which is sure to be memorable.

Latest Trends for Doors in 2020 - CenturyPly

Now that you know the latest door trends,explore the variety of  heavy-duty CenturyDoors that come with the promise of unmatched strength and style to provide you a range of unforgettable entrances.

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