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Plywood Price in Bengaluru for Home Furniture

A type of engineered wood, plywood is widely used for interior construction purposes. There are different types of plywood available in the Indian market which are sold at different prices, depending on the manufacturing processes involved, the adhesives used, the density, size or even the credibility of the brand itself. Today, we will be talking about the price of India’s favourite CenturyPly plywood in Karnataka’s Bengaluru.

You can refer to the table below for the price list of the CenturyPly plywood variants available in Bengaluru.

CenturyPly Plywood




Price/ Sheet*

CenturyPly Club Prime 6 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1564
CenturyPly Club Prime 9 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1879
CenturyPly Club Prime 12 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 2298
CenturyPly Club Prime 16 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 2924
CenturyPly Club Prime 19 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 3395


Sainik 710 6 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1138
Sainik 710 9 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1405
Sainik 710 12 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1772
Sainik 710 16 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 2238
Sainik 710 19 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 2626


Sainik MR 6 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1004
Sainik MR 8 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1231
Sainik MR 12 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1482
Sainik MR 15 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 1819
Sainik MR 18 mm 8 FT x 4 FT Rs. 2117


                                                                                                                                 *Taxes extra

If you are thinking of buying CenturyPly plywood sheets online, visit our E-shop to buy premium quality products and get them safely delivered at the convenience of your home.

CenturyPly plywood is available in both brick-and-mortar stores and online in the E-shop and on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart for customers in Bengaluru. The price of the plywood sheets differ on the basis of the following:

a) Grade of Plywood: Plywood is made from different types of wood and adhesives and therefore, come in different qualities. One locally accepted mark of a plywood’s quality is its grade. There are broadly three grades of plywood - Boiling Waterproof or BWP grade plywood, Boiling Water-Resistant or BWR grade plywood and Moisture Resistant or MR grade plywood.

CenturyPly offers its best Boiling Waterproof grade plywood and Moisture Resistant or MR grade plywood to the customers in this Southern Indian city.

BWP grade plywood, also known as marine grade plywood is completely shielded from moisture or water. It is suitable for areas that are highly prone to water exposure, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. It is the most premium quality plywood and therefore, the costliest out of all the categories 

In the BWP range, CenturyPly offers the following:

     CenturyPly Club Prime

Plywood Price in Bengaluru for Home Furniture - CenturyPly

CenturyPly Club Prime plywood is one of the few brands made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives before pressing, ensuring equal distribution of moisture and adhesive. The unique Glue Line Protection formula is then applied, making the plywood borer and termite proof. This waterproof plywood comes with a warranty of 25 years.

CenturyPly Sainik 710

Plywood Price in Bengaluru for Home Furniture - CenturyPly

This BWP plywood is sourced from specially selected eco-friendly timber. It is borer and termite proof with high resistance to bending. Its durability makes it a cost effective choice and comes with an 8 year warranty.

Moisture Resistant or MR grade plywood on the other hand, is used in areas that aren’t in contact with water for a long duration of time. It resists moisture absorption but is not completely waterproof. It is strong and durable, making it perfect for furniture in the living room, bedroom, kid’s room and so on. In the MR range, CenturyPly offers the versatile Sainik MR plywood.

     Sainik MR

Plywood Price in Bengaluru for Home Furniture - CenturyPly

This is a commercial plywood from the house of CenturyPly. It is made with more number of plies for added strength. Its resistance to borer and termite attacks proof property as well as resistance to changing climatic conditions makes it a versatile variant.

b) Thickness: It is said that the thicker the plywood, the stronger it is. This is because the thickness directly denotes the number of plies added. These magnify the strength and durability of the plywood sheet. CenturyPly plywood is available in thickness ranging from 6mm to 19mm, depending on the customer’s needs.

c) Size: Another factor that decides the price of a sheet of plywood is its size. All CenturyPly plywood sheets come in the standard size of 8FT x 4FT to make it convenient for the customer to decide the number of sheets they would need to purchase for any dedicated area.

d) Transport & freight: The taxes as per every region may lead to varied prices. Other costs for shipping, loading and unloading may also be charged.

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