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How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture

How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture - CenturyPly

A common concern among homeowners is maintaining optimum levels of interior hygiene, especially during such uncertain times. While proper cleaning of different surfaces at home is important, it may get tedious. In this scenario, antimicrobial, VirusKill & antiviral furniture can come to your rescue. Antiviral CenturyLaminates & plywood powered by ViroKill Technology effectively kills 99.99% microbes and viruses that land on its surface, ensuring that your loved ones are always safe.

If you are wondering about where to use ViroKill products, here are some applications of our antiviral range of laminates & plywood that will help VirusKill and keep your home interiors virus free.

a) Strong & hygienic entrance

How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture - CenturyPly

For hundreds of years, doors have been regarded as the usherers of positive vibes & good fortune. Keeping this in mind, our beautiful collection of CenturyDoors have been designed to initiate the rites of passage during different stages of your lives, ultimately becoming a part of your identity. Doors are also the physical element that is in constant contact with the outside world where microbes and viruses roam free. That is why opting for VirusKill and antiviral laminates or veneers for your door is of utmost importance.

We offer an incredibly beautiful range of strong & durable doors that will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Covered with CenturyLaminates and CenturyVeneers equipped with antimicrobial, VirusKill & antiviral properties, you can be sure that your door will not only protect you from visible but also invisible threats.

b) Beautifully strong living room

The living room is the most used area in a house, bringing the family together over food, games or a simple heart-to-heart. This also means that the living room furniture is a high-touch zone which, if not cleaned frequently, may carry unwanted germs. Create a stunning living room with statement furniture made with a holistic combination of antiviral Century plywood & laminates which will remain virus-free for its lifetime. Low in maintenance, a simple ritual of frequent dusting with a microfiber cloth will suffice to keep your furniture in excellent condition.

c) Antimicrobial & antiviral kitche

How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture - CenturyPly

The highest levels of hygiene should be maintained in the kitchen, where you indulge in preparing meals for your whole family. To ensure that your kitchen remains clean at all times, it is best to use antiviral laminates and plywood. They are strong, durable, highly resistant to normal wear & tear and kill any microbes or viruses that fall on its surface through contact-killing mechanisms, making sure that there are zero possibilities of cross-contamination.

d) Antiviral dining table

How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture - CenturyPly

A dining table is one of the most important elements in the room. It is a place where the family members sit together and converse over sumptuous food . Being in constant contact with food, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is always clean. Dining tables are also prone to liquid or food spills, which if left uncleaned, can become the breeding grounds for microbes. To shield these surfaces, equip them with antiviral CenturyLaminates. These are the highest scuff-resistant laminates in the market and come in a variety of patterns so that you can blend it with the overall room aesthetics. They are very easy to clean--just use a damp microfiber towel or a mild, diluted cleaning agent to maintain the laminates’ glossy texture.

e) Furniture that protects your chil

How to Maintain Interior Hygiene with Virus-Kill Furniture - CenturyPly

Children are free-spirited, high-energy individuals who love to explore. They spend a large amount of their time in their rooms, playing, studying and resting. They are also susceptible to contracting diseases more easily than adults, which is all the more reason to take every possible precaution to safeguard them against germs and viruses. By installing antiviral and VirusKill a study table, chair, bed or other furniture made with ViroKill Technology, you will be protecting your child from potential harm. Not only this, CenturyLaminates are available in a wide range of colours, textures, patterns and designs which is sure to be appreciated by your kids.

CenturyPly ViroKill Products were specifically designed to come to the rescue of homeowners, making furniture-care easy & tension free. With an array of inspired designs, create a healthy home space today. Shop for antiviral plywood & laminates here:

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