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Use Zykron to Beautify your Home

Use Zykron to Beautify your Home - CenturyPly

When the time comes to choose the type of material for your exterior cladding, you will require a versatile product that will not only be highly functional but also look aesthetically beautiful. The cladding is a critical choice in determining how a building holds up and how much upkeep will be required to maintain it. In today’s time when there is an abundance of options available in the market, one of the most sought-after materials is fibre cement. Century Ply, Zykron Fibre Cement  Boards & Planks  aims to provide highly versatile building material that can be used  for a wide range of applications. Keep reading to understand what are Zykron Fibre Cement Boards & Planks, what are its benefits, its USPs & where can it be applied to beautify your home.


Use Zykron to Beautify your Home - CenturyPly

Fibre cement, an excellent building material, has cellulose fibre reinforcement with portland cement that adds to its strength. Combined with a carefully planned production process, fibre cement planks makes it possible to develop strong, fabulous looking and everlasting construction material. Today, fibre cement is considered as a material physically suited for construction products such as interior and exterior cladding, sofit lining, gate cladding and more.

Century Ply Zykron Fibre Cement Boards & Planks  was devised after making use of the latest technology, conceived as a one-stop solution for your external & internal cladding needs. Zykron comes in two very useful forms:

a) Boards: Zykron Boards are of superior functionality while being uncompromising when it comes to style & beauty. They can be used for making panels, flooring, roofing and more.

b) Planks: Zykron Planks or sidings are highly durable as they are made from Fibre Cement Composite. They have a textured appearance that makes them the perfect choice to enhance a building's exteriors, while protecting it from the vagaries of weather. They can be used as gate cladding, wall cladding, decorative fences and so on.


Use Zykron to Beautify your Home - CenturyPly

Zykron boards and planks are a popular choice amongst professionals such as architects, contractors, even homeowners and for good reason. They come equipped with a long list of attractive features that make it an ideal choice of material. Moreover, it is used as a dry construction material which is very easy to install. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Zykron: 

1) Borer & Termite Proof: Zykron boards and planks are 100% borer & termite proof, ensuring that there is zero damage from such infestation. 

2) Non-Toxic: Creating memorable designs that  let you breathe easy is now possible! All Zykron Fibre Cement Solutions are 100% formaldehyde, phenol and toxic free, which makes sure that your home or office space is clean & hygienic.

3) Water resistant: When you're choosing an external cladding material, you have to take into consideration that the material will be exposed to rain & humidity. Keeping this in mind, Zykron   is   water resistant  , thus it can sustain prolonged exposure to water.

4) Bacteria & Fungus Resistant: Zykron is a low maintenance solution that is highly resistant to microbial attacks and naturally retards the growth of stain and odour-causing microbes, keeping your home beautiful and hygienic for a long time. 

5) Amazing Design Capability: We understand that aesthetics are an equally important aspect of building a stable home. That is why Zykron comes in a wide range of colours and design capabilities that breathes new energy into your vision of a perfect home.

If you are looking for a resilient yet elegant material for your home or office, choose Zykron Fibre Cement Boards & Planks and see your dream house come to life. It not only helps you create a strong foundation but also safeguards it from threats like changing weather conditions, microbial contamination or toxins. Take a look at Zykron and its various applications here:

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