3 Ways Lucida Is The Perfect Blend Of Aesthetics And Functionality
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3 Ways Lucida Is The Perfect Blend Of Aesthetics And Functionality

Minding that you are a great cook and love to spend most of your free time in the kitchen, CenturyLaminates – Lucida, with its best-in-class patterns and durability, will add to the right charm. Also, you can use the same to refurbish the rest of your house, offering a nice coordinated pattern that will last long.

Over the years and with the right amount of functionalities, CenturyLaminates – Lucida has upgraded itself into a handy solution for your ever-changing home needs. Adding to the right blend of aesthetics and functionality, this particular laminate form CenturyLaminates will surely amp up the outlook of any space.

Table of Contents

➔ LucidaIs The Perfect Blend Of Aesthetics And Functionality - 3 Ways

➔ Other Features Attached

➔ Why Buy Lucida Laminates From CenturyEshop?

➔ Conclusion

Lucida Is The Perfect Blend Of Aesthetics And Functionality - Defined In 3 Ways

The CenturyLaminates – Lucida has it all, which you will probably be looking for when searching for an aesthetically pleasing and durable product. And things get even better when you are directly shopping from the CenturyEshop. Here you can avail of attractive deals, easy pay, seamless return/exchange and doorstep delivery. Nonetheless, let’s move forward with the three ways simultaneously describing Lucida Laminates as aesthetically beautiful and durable.

Available In Multiple Patterns Backed By Exclusive Colour Retention Technology

The kitchen space looks different when the interiors are planned in the best way possible. And with CenturyLaminates – Lucida by your side, everything seems to be easy. Select from various pieces in a catalogue, white laminates, textured patterns, gloss finishes, marble outlooks and decorative statements.

Coming to the guarantee of all the available colours and patterns, resistance to Xenon arc light helps CenturyLaminates – Lucida retain its colour for a long time. The same remains unaffected even after daily use, continuous stains, and cleaning.  

Resistant To Heat

Heat is constant in the kitchen, whether using an induction cooktop or a gas stove. Other ordinary laminates lose their texture easily when subjected to this heat daily. However, CenturyLaminates – Lucida are resistant to heat and can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius according to the BIS norms.

So be it the cooking counter, the dining table or the cabinet in your kitchen, furniture made of CenturyLaminates – Lucida is durable by nature, retaining its original finish. Further, its special top layer is capable of withstanding impacts from heavy objects. Making it one of the perfect laminates you can trust with all that heavy cooking and trying to assemble the hot utensils.

It Continues With Its New Charm Even After Daily Scrubbing

The CenturyLaminates – Lucida abrasion-resistant technology makes it never lose the gloss even after daily scuffing and all those cleaners used. The overall gloss of the laminates continues to be the same even after getting subjected to regular usage. 

Other Features Attached

From the points already mentioned, there is no doubt that the CenturyLaminates – Lucida is the best in class, with both aesthetically pleasing and durable features. However, things get easier to explain with the following features:

Germ Resistant

The 99.99% ViroKill technology of CenturyLaminates – Lucida makes it one of a kind. The laminate will help you with the right amount of protection from bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping maintain a healthy kitchen space. When you are planning for designer kitchen cabinets with CenturyLaminates – Lucida, they will be the best of a kind.

Scuff Resistant

Resistant to external wear and tear, these premium high gloss laminates are not vulnerable to unintentional dents and scratches during transfers and installations. This also ensures that your interior retains its newness for a long time. 

Why Buy Lucida Laminates From CenturyEshop?

The Centuryeshop is an in-house initiative by CenturyPly, providing access to original products rightfully delivered to your doorstep. Also, there is more - continue reading to find out:

Seamless Payment

With CenturyEshop, you can consider making seamless payments over UPI, debit cards, credit cards and WhatsApp. All you have to do is log in using your name and number, insert the shipping address and proceed with the payment part.

Easy Returns

While offline plywood sellers will never accept your demands regarding returns and replacements, purchasing CenturyLaminates – Lucida from CenturyEshop will help you with all of these. You can always request a replacement or refund for a damaged product and gain access to adequate service in real-time. 

Attractive Discounts & Cashback

Also, here you are eligible for attractive discounts and cashback occasionally. On occasions, CenturyLaminates does let its customers avail of quality choices at a discounted price. You can select as per need.

Get Inspired Zone

A separate section is available with basic ideas on what you can do using CenturyLaminates – Lucida. These options will add a different look to your home. So choose wisely!


CenturyLaminates – Lucida stand for both durability and aesthetics, providing it has all the right features available in store. Also, CenturyLaminates does try to offer quality over quantity every time, so there is no way you will be landing with something inconsistent.  

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