3 Top-Notch Reasons to Choose CenturyLaminates Lucida Laminates
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3 Top-Notch Reasons to Choose CenturyLaminates Lucida Laminates


CenturyLaminates itself has always been a very trusted brand. From its range of products and high quality, CenturyLaminates leaves no bounds. When it comes to laminates, you get the choice of many products. And Lucida laminates is one of these products, which provides the best laminates to be found on the market. 

What makes Lucida laminates the best? It has many qualities that have made it a hit among interior designers, architects, and constructors. And it's these qualities also set it apart from other kinds of laminates that you may find in the market. 

Table of Contents

➔ Lucida Laminates by CenturyLaminates

➔ Why choose Lucida Laminates?

➔ Where can Lucida Laminates be used?

➔ Conclusion 

Lucida Laminates by CenturyLaminates

Lucida laminates are a range of premium high gloss laminates which come in many colours. If you plan on changing your interiors and following a theme, then lucida laminates are the best for you. They also come with many qualities that make them long-lasting and worth purchasing. 

The lucida laminates have low maintenance and are beautiful, emanating elegance and strength. These laminates would give you a sense of style and aesthetic while providing durability.

Why choose Lucida Laminates?


Lucida laminates are resistant to heat it is also resistant to abrasions and stains. Being heat resistant, it is perfect to be used for your kitchen.  What makes lucida laminates great is that it is also resistant to stain. If you have a child in the kitchen at home or even by yourself, you would be bound to have some spilling. In such a situation, you would not have to worry about the stain since lucida remains unaffected. 

Virokill technology

Virokill technology is the technology made by CenturyLaminates itself. The technology ensures that there are no bacteria, fungi, or viruses on the furniture's surface. In today's day and time, having virokill technology is an asset since you and your family would not have to worry about contaminating any virus inside your home. 

Especially when you have a kid living with you, it becomes necessary to keep the surfaces of your table and cabinets as clean as possible. And with virokill technology, more advantage exists since it does not wear off with time. It lasts as long as you use the laminates. 


One of the best qualities of lucida laminates is that it is long-lasting. It's a glossy laminate, and the gloss does not go away even with wear and tear. And since it is resistant to heat or any other kind of stain or abrasion, it will last for decades with proper care. 

With most of the products of CenturyLaminates, you also get a warranty of ten years. This warranty and the other certifications prove that your purchase of lucida laminates will last long without any natural damage or harm. 

Where can Lucida Laminates be used?

Lucida laminates are commonly used for the kitche. This is due to its various qualities, such as stain resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. In kitchens, it is ordinary to have boiling water or any other beverage spilt; this may even cause some stains. And since lucida laminates are stain resistant, they work perfectly for such an area as a kitchen. Also, kitchens are always exposed to various temperatures with moisture in specific areas. Hence, these places could use the benefits brought on by lucida laminates. Often kitchens get treated as any other area, but it has a higher likelihood of spills, damages, and other wear and tear.  

Since the laminates are known for their colourful and glossy look, you can also use them for your office interior. Having a colourful interior would help motivate your employees and make them feel bright in the workplace. Having bright interiors would help in boosting the productivity of the employees. Similarly, the lucida laminates could also be perfect for your dining table. You can have whatever colour of table you want, but it will possess the same qualities. And since dining tables often have spills and chances of leaving behind stains. In such a situation, you can utilise your furniture without worry with some of the best lucida laminates. 


There are many reasons why lucida laminates are the best in the market. CenturyLaminates bring many advantages and qualities that come with purchasing lucida; it makes it the best and most appropriate choice for most people. And if you want your interiors to look bright and have a long life, you can choose lucida laminates. And also, before purchasing, you can make any inquiry that you want concerning the laminates. 

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