5 Furniture Designs to Beautify Your Bedroom
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5 Furniture Designs to Beautify Your Bedroom


The bedroom is the most intimate space in one’s home. It doesn’t only represent your tastes but also shows the level of comfort you seek. It is important to arrange and decorate the bedroom in a way that suits your style of living the best. Furniture is a huge part of the bedroom’s decor. You should add furniture based on its functionality as well as its appearance.

In this article, CenturyPly presents the top 5 furniture design ideas to enhance the look of your bedroom.

Table of Content

Top 5 Furniture Designs for Your Bedroom

         ◆ Designs for the Bed

         ◆ Designs for the Bedside Table

         ◆ Designs for the Wardrobe

         ◆ Designs for the Dresser

         ◆ Designs for the Seating Arrangement

Wrapping up

Top 5 Furniture Designs for Your Bedroom

Before you start arranging or rearranging your bedroom’s furniture, check out these 5 furniture design ideas. ​​​​​​​

Designs for the Bed

You need a comfortable bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Throw a comfy mattress and some soft cushions for added comfort. However, there are more factors to keep in mind while choosing your ideal pick other than comfort. The bed is undoubtedly the focal point of the bedroom. It adds to the overall theme. Hence, decide what theme you are going for and then select the bed.​​​​​​​

Beds with headboards are currently in trend. The variety of headboards is impressive. For a rustic look, go for a wooden bed with a plain or textured wooden headboard. Headboards wrapped in different types of fabrics are also available. If you like the latter, match it with the colour line of your bedroom. Also, be mindful of the legs of the bed. Some beds come with long legs, and then there are box beds. Both look great, but box beds will provide your storage options. ​​​​​​​

Designs for the Bedside Table

Place a bedside table on one side of the bed or both sides. This depends on your preference and the space of your bedroom. When it comes to design, there is a lot of room for play. The best way to design the bedside table is to blend style and storage. Go for a table that comes with storage compartments. You will find different designs of handles made with different materials as well. ​​​​​​​

Like beds, some bedside tables come in box-like shapes and some with legs. You can look for box beds and bedside tables or stick to legs of various designs and patterns.

Designs for the Wardrobe

The wardrobe is where you will store your clothes, accessories and other items. You must select a wardrobe that will provide enough space for your storage requirements. Pick from two-door, three-door or four-door wardrobes. However, the second two are in fashion at present. Instead of doing all doors, add a few drawers for storing your watches and other accessories. Add layers or compartments inside based on your requirements.

If you are thinking of purchasing a wooden wardrobe, you will find wardrobes with beautifully textured doors and drawers. These are great ways to enhance your bedroom’s decor without much effort. For a little extra, match your wardrobe's handles with your bedside table's handles.

Designs for the Dresser

There are so many different types of designs available for dressers that you will be spoilt for choices. Start by deciding whether you want only a dresser table or a set of a dresser table and a chair. Next, choose the storage options. The dresser can have multiple small compartments to store your skincare and haircare products and tools. Buy a dresser with a beautiful top surface to enhance its overall look.

While most people go for a tall, rectangular dresser mirror, you can also check out a round-shaped mirror. Some dressers come with attached mirrors, but you can buy a dressing table and a mirror separately. Accentuate the mirror with some trendy dressing-room lighting.

Designs for the Seating Arrangement

A single statement chair, a tiny sofa or an ottoman with a footstool, there are multiple options for bedroom seating arrangements. First, decide the purpose and position of the chairs. A comfortable ottoman sofa will be ideal if you want a cosy corner to read books. If you often entertain guests in your room, go for a sofa with good space.

Buy two chairs positioned face-to-face over a tiny coffee table if you share your room with your better half. This will be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up. If you want to focus on the room's aesthetics, purchase a high-back wing chair, accent chair, or macrame stool set. The long tables or storage benches placed in front of the bed give a nice look too!

Wrapping up

When you sort through furniture design ideas and note down your favourite pieces, you must determine the theme you are going for in your bedroom. Ensure the colours of the furniture are aligned with your theme and complement each other. Try to select furniture with complementing materials as well. Many people are fixed on a single material like wood. You can also choose to go with furniture made with the same material for a uniform look. ​​​​​​​

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