3 Interesting Features of SAINIK 710 Plywood
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3 Interesting Features of SAINIK 710 Plywood


After a tiring day at work, what do you usually look for when you get home? Let me guess! When you go home, you immediately relax on a warm and comfortable sofa and get a good night's sleep in a cosy bed. The purpose of bringing this up is to emphasise how crucial high-quality furniture is.

Purchasing furniture for your home or place of business has always been one of the top concerns of every buyer. The interior or furniture of your home always leaves a pleasing first impression on your guests and visitors. Choosing the right plywood for your furniture's construction is crucial if you want to make good, useful, long-lasting, and comfortable pieces. The mission of CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood is to provide consumers with high-quality plywood as the optimum support for luxury furniture.

Table of Contents

➔ Sainik 710 Plywood: The Ultimate Choice!

       ◆ Waterproof Plywood

       ◆ 8-Years Warranty

       ◆ Termite and Borer Resistant

       ◆ Multiple Sizes and Range

       ◆ Affordable

➔ In a Nutshell

Sainik 710 Plywood: The Ultimate Choice!

CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood is designed to safeguard and maintain household furnishings to the optimal level.

The Sainik 710 plywood has several amazing features. It has several plies for strength and durability and is bend-resistant. Strong, reliable adhesives are used to join these plies of the highest calibre.

Usually, the main challenge faced by every buyer purchasing the furniture is that these hardwood furnishings are attracted by insects and termites. These termites and borers can seriously harm your expensive furniture, ultimately adding unnecessary costs to your expenses. Here Sainik 710 plywood has got you covered! It has been chemically treated to offer resistance against insects and borer, equipping it to fight off its enemies.

With CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood, your wood is protected from pests of all kinds, so you can rest easy knowing that your furniture won't get harmed. No doubt CenturyPly Sainik 710 is the best plywood on the market. It is available in blockboards and offers outstanding value. Here are some explanations as to why Sainik 710 plywood is superior to other plywood products in the market:

1. Waterproof Plywood

CenturyPly claims in its advertisement that Sainik 710 is the asli waterproof plywood. But how to check whether it's waterproof or not? Well! Only the boiling waterproof test can determine if plywood is waterproof or not. So you can take two types of plywood, one Sainik 710 plywood and one random plywood, which claims to be waterproof and perform their boiling test. The faux plywood or regular plywood will start to come apart in an hour, but Sainik 710 can easily pass the rigorous 72-hour test solution in one go. Therefore, if you prefer water-resistant plywood, the Sainik 710 is the only waterproof plywood you have to invest in for your home.

2. 8-Years Warranty

Your home's furnishings become a significant part of your life, emotions and sentiments. It ensures warmth and prolonged durability. This wooden furniture will last longer and ensure value for money if they are shielded from external factors such as changing weather, water, humidity, and termites. Sainik 710 plywood has a unique Glue Line internal protection, making it marine grade and resistant to boiling water. Sainik 710 is designed to be reliable and wholesome plywood. Sainik 710 plywood from CenturyPly comes with an 8-year warranty, which is unheard of in the industry. CenturyPly wants to make sure that your furniture is durable and functional.

3. Termite and Borer Resistant

Sainik 710 guards your wooden furniture against moisture and troublesome insects. The furniture is termite and insect-resistant thanks to its special glue line protection. As a result, if you get this perfect plywood, you can unwind in your home's interior without worrying about how clean your living spaces are.

Sainik 710 also provides you with the following special features in addition to these:

  Multiple Sizes and Range: CenturyPly's ground-breaking plywood product is a first in the market and will be sold at a fixed pricing point across the country. To satisfy customer needs, it is available in broad format panels with thicknesses ranging from 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm. Thus, you can select the plywood per your range and size preferences.

  Affordable: Finding convenient and beautiful designs at fair prices is indeed a challenging task. But now it's no more. Sainik 710 plywood offers consistent pricing all over India. The CenturyPly Sainik 710 is Rs. 105 per unit (929 sq. cm., GST included). So putting an end to your search for reliable, watertight plywood at a reasonable price (including GST). The plywood's purpose is to provide high-quality interiors with minimum financial investments.

In a Nutshell

CenturyPly Sainik 710 plywood is designed to fit into your home's decor and guard against harm from the outside. Sainik 710 is soldier plywood that offers affordability, safety, and toughness. Due to its price, the Sainik 710 is an excellent choice for many applications. So what are you waiting for? Buy Sainik 710 plywood today and renovate your house with the best plywood in India

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