A guide towards building fireproof homes
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A guide towards building fireproof homes

Table of contents:
CenturyPly Firewall Technology
Which features of the firewall technology are used to fight fires at home?
Which factors should you consider while building fireproof homes?
Why is firewall technology a must to build fireproof homes?


Having a fire in your home is one of the scariest experiences one can have. Not only can it
result in devastating property damage, but it can also lead to severe injuries and even death.
Therefore, when building your home, fire security should be on the top of your list. But how
exactly can you go about building a fireproof home? If that question is wandering around in
your mind, you are at the right place. In this blog, we have provided a solution to your
problem. CenturyPly Firewall Technology plywood protects your home from the raging
flames until help arrives or until you are out of the scary situation. Please read on to learn

CenturyPly Firewall Technology

Thinking about your safety in the face of a fire, CenturyPly brings to you an innovative
grade of plywood embedded with nano-engineered particles that decrease its flammability and delay the spread of a fire. The Firewall Technology enabled plywood to delay the spread
of fire giving you and your family enough time to evacuate the building or call for help.

It is a known fact that most of the deaths during a fire occur due to inhalation of the toxic
fumes, rather than due to the fire itself. Keeping this in mind, the plywood has been designed
to reduce the amount of smoke emission and, thus, decrease the incidence of suffocation due
to a fire. The fire-retardant plywood has been extensively tested under standard conditions
and has performed excellently according to the American standards ASTM E84, Indian
Standards IS 5509, and British standards BS 476 benchmarks.

Which features of the firewall technology are used to fight fires at

● CenturyPly plywood possesses low flammability. The plywood takes more than 30
minutes to catch the flame and spread across the surface of the 19mm thick ply .
Furthermore, if the fire source is removed it self extinguish itself. More than 50
minutes are taken by CenturyPly 19mm thick plywood to penetrate the fire
completely. If the fire penetration is low, the home will be safe, and family members
will get enough time to rescue.

● CenturyPly plywood is durable and lasts longer without damage over the years.

Which factors should you consider while building fireproof homes?

● The plywood that you will be opting for should be genuine. For example, CenturyPly
plywood is genuine as it complies with IS 5509, which assures trust and safety.

● The plywood installed at your homes should conform to ASTM E84 standards such
that it does meet international standards in terms of quality.

● The firewall technology-comply plywood is nano-engineered, embedded with a
polymer matrix that resists flame penetration and ignition. This enhances the fire-
resistant property and makes the plywood more adequate for long-term usage.

● If the opted plywood is non-hygroscopic, it will not corrode like other traditional
plywoods in the market. CenturyPly plywood doesn’t absorb moisture, preventing it
from corroding over long periods.

● The plywood should produce less smoke if it catches fire. CenturyPly plywood, with
advanced firewall technology, is made with fire-retardant chemicals that produce less
smoke and non-toxic fumes if it catches fire.

Why is firewall technology a must to build fireproof homes?

How can you build a home if the installed plywood isn’t safe from fire? What if it generates
more smoke than fire and chokes everyone in the family? No one would want that to happen!
So, to prevent the fire and smoke spread, installing plywood that comes with firewall
technology is a must. In this case, CenturyPly plywood would come in handy. Since it is
certified as the best in a class by Indian Standards, CenturyPly plywood can prevent losses
like trauma, injuries, loss of precious belongings, and most importantly, loss of lives.
CenturyPly plywood with Firewall Technology is the best to fight against self-disintegration
due to fire and smoke generation.


Now that you have all the ideas about how to make your walls fireproof in your mind, it is
time to get to the action! Click on the link https://www.centuryply.com/eshop and start with
ordering your fire-fighting CenturyPly today.

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