Everything You Need to Know about Firewall Technology
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Everything You Need to Know about Firewall Technology

Everything You Need to Know about Firewall Technology

When you’re building your dream home, you take great effort to carefully plan out every single design detail-- from the plywood you will use, the colour of your door, the size of your windows to the material of your drapes, and more. But one important question that you might forget to ask is, “How prepared is your house in the event of a fire?”

Often overlooked, fire safety is one of the most important aspects that needs to reflect in the entire foundation of your family home. 

In India alone, more than eleven thousand fires take place in a year on an average. Fire poses a significant threat to both life and property, pushing many families in the throes of emotional, physical and economical devastation. To prevent such mishappenings, CenturyPly has introduced the new and improved Firewall Technology to manufacture plywood.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about this new Firewall technology.

Everything You Need to Know about Firewall Technology


In the unfortunate event of a fire, regular plywood catches fire easily and allows the flames to spread throughout the sheet within minutes and inevitably acts as an ignition for wider spread of the fire. This causes property destruction, generation of toxic smoke that might lead to suffocation and even hampers rescue operations to take place unhindered.

Plywood made with Firewall Technology has been certified to be the best in class of fire retardant plywood that doesn’t allow fire to spread quickly, allowing rescue operations to take place successfully. 

Firewall Technology has been developed after continuous Research & Development efforts by CenturyPly and has been specially designed to check the damage caused by fire to life and property. It has many features that makes it the best plywood to be used at homes to fight against fires:

1. Low Flammability

Flammability is the amount of time it takes for a plywood to catch fire and start a sequence of ignitions in the surroundings. After undergoing several tests, it was determined that it takes 35 minutes for flames to spread along the surface of Firewall. This is much lower when compared to regular ply, which means that Firewall is effective in its fire-retardant capabilities. Not only this, once the source of fire is removed, Firewall can successfully douse the fire, too. Low flammability comes in handy to check the spread of fire and gives you more time to make a safe evacuation.

2. Slow Fire Penetration

The easy & quick penetration of flames is one of the most common reasons for the worsening of a fire-related accident. In order to slow down the spread of fires, Firewall Technology has been designed so that it takes 50-odd minutes for flames to penetrate a sheet of plywood, giving enough time for rescue operations to begin and evacuation efforts to take place. At the same time, the source of fire can be doused, preventing any significant damage in the process. Slower fire penetration comes in handy in Indian homes and keeps your family safe.

3. Lower Smoke Generation

During the case of a fire, there are a lot of toxic gases and smoke generation that are absolutely harmful for you & your loved ones. That is why CenturyPly plywood made with Firewall Technology uses fire-retardant chemicals that generate lesser smoke than any other regular plywood.

4. No Delamination

If you’re worried that adding water might lead to further damage of the plywood, you’ll be pleased to know that plywood made with Firewall Technology does not absorb any water from the atmosphere and hence, prevents delamination or damage to plywood furniture. So, once the fire is put out, your furniture will be safe from damage and retain its physical integrity.

Everything You Need to Know about Firewall Technology

Apart from this, plywood made with Firewall Technology comes with borer and termite protection for a worry-free home building experience.

If you are thinking of constructing a new home or want to upgrade your existing home, consider Firewall Plywood to provide added protection to your abode. Check out more information about our newly launched Firewall technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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