Zykron can be used in multiple ways
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Zykron can be used in multiple ways

Being a new age product, it is quite possible that Zykron needs to acquaint itself in terms of various applications that it can be used for. But before that, let us start with the basic introduction that this innovative solution from the house of CenturyPly deserves.

Zykron is an evolved form of fiber cement boards that are made from the mesh of fiber and cement, ofcourse.

How does Zykron stand apart from the rest of the fiber cement boards?  

Zykron is made to cover up for the lacuna that was there with the existing fiber cement boards. Thus, in this endeavour, Zykron has been made stronger and better with all the extra toppings that makes it favourable.

Let us look at the multiple ways in which Zykron could have been used in order to understand the qualities that it has over other fiber cement boards:

1. External Cladding:

Given its weather resistant properties due to the amalgam of fibre and cement, Zykron makes a perfect solution for your external wall cladding. This remains durable in the face of thunderstorms and the tropical sun that we as a tropical country have been blessed with.

The material doesn’t warp or wrinkle or become brittle in the high UV radiation. Also, it is seepage free, in case the rainwater decides to penetrate through your walls, zykron cladding will be ever ready to stop it there and then.

2. Internal Cladding:

But safeguarding you from the external environmental conditions isn’t the only thing that Zykron does. You can very well opt for it as your interior wall cladding solution too.

3. Kitchen Partitions:

Why are we being specific to kitchens, you ask?

Well because the new age product, Zykron, is made fire retardant with its non-comusible properties and thus, fits well to partition your kitchen from rest of the house. This shall not only embark a private sphere for your cooking space but also safeguard you from any mishap occurred due to fire.

4. Washroom Paritions and Cladding:

Bathing spaces are the places where water application is quite obvious. Thus, it is vital that the material that we use inside the bathing places do not swell and disintegrate when subjected to water continuously.

Zykron is a material that is waterproof. Thus, this will keep your bathing spaces lookas if its to stay new forever.

These are not the only uses of Zykron and there are myriads of applications of Zykron like that of partitioning a studio apartment or the office spaces for that matter.

Stay tuned and we shall bring more applications for Zykron through our blogs.

Know more - https://www.centuryply.com/zykron-fibre-cement-board 

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