You Asked, We Delivered: A CenturyEshop Promise
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You Asked, We Delivered: A CenturyEshop Promise


With 20+ years in the market, CenturyPly has been incessantly catering to the needs of its customers. Our every endeavour ensures that we never fail to put a smile on your face. Our efforts have made us India's most trusted Plywood and construction raw materials manufacturers. To simplify your shopping experience and give you access to our vast range of products, we bring to you CenturyEshop– a one-stop online shop for all the basic materials you need for home renovation or decor.

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Get Matchless Benefits At Your Fingertips

        ◆ Access to a vast range of quality products

        ◆ Easy return policy

        ◆ Seasonal and festive cashback offers

        ◆ Smooth payment options

Why Purchase Online from CenturyEshop?

        ◆ Enhanced Practicality

        ◆ Better Usability

        ◆ Making Better Decisions

Get Matchless Benefits At Your Fingertips

Access all your favourite CenturyPly products at CenturyEshop. Just tap on your phone, and you can begin your home renovation within days. CenturyEshop offers doorstep delivery and ensures ultimate customer satisfaction by safeguarding the quality of your products. Discover the best benefits of CenturyEshop:

Access to a vast range of quality products

Precise manufacturing, customer-centric products, and innovative offers make CenturyEshop an ideal hub for quality products. Access all the benefits of CenturyPly products and access quality PVC boards, plywood, laminates, and doors.

Easy return policy

Usually, products purchased can't be returned. However, CenturyEshop enables its users to benefit from its easy return and replacement policy in the following genuine cases:

●  It has a manufacturing defect.

●  The product is wrongly delivered.

●  The product is damaged during transit.

Seasonal and festive cashback offers

Delighted customers will never be disappointed as CenturyEshop offers great cashback that helps you save up on your home decor and renovation project. The amazing discount offers to help you take good advantage of the monsoon, winter, fall, and summer sales. Moreover, you will come across matchless festive discounts on Diwali, Christmas, and others.

Furthermore, you can benefit from free shipping and hefty discounts on large purchases. So, you can save more money and time when you do not have to pay for transportation to buy the best products.

Smooth payment options

Quicker access to products with simple filtering options and easy checkouts with smooth payment options await you on CenturyEshop. The process of purchasing products from CenturyEshop is simplified and offers the convenience of any online payment, e-wallet, or direct transfer from a bank account.

Why Purchase Online from CenturyEshop?

CenturyPly prioritises its customers' hassle-free experience. In addition to producing high-quality goods that appeal to homes and businesses, we satisfy our customers with online shopping. Have a hectic schedule? Are you finding it difficult to bear the hardship of exploring various stores? Get the shop on your palm and shop online. It is time to freshen up your living areas with luxurious yet affordable CenturyPly Eshop products. Here is why you should shop online using the CenturyEshop portal:

Enhanced Practicality

Online shopping via CenturyEshop is quite practical and convenient. You just need a mobile or tab and a stable internet connection. Tap on the CenturyEshop website. Add your favourite items to your wishlist and the much-needed ones to your cart. You can conveniently pay online via debit or credit cards, and you need not carry cash. If you are not comfortable making an online payment, opt for the cash-upon-delivery option.

Better Usability

With CenturyEshop, you will not have to waste time browsing aisle after aisle of household goods. If you are hunting for a specific product, you can type the name in the search bar, click enter, and get all the options displayed within seconds. You can closely examine product specifications without having to travel to stores.

Making Better Decisions

Checking products, their reviews, and ratings at a real store is a tedious task. With CenturyEshop, you get access to product specifications that include the qualities and user reviews. Additionally, you can browse price details for various products and draw comparisons.

Thus, you can scan through highly regarded products and make informed decisions more quickly.

Shop now and avail exciting offers at CenturyPly Eshop. Choose the best from the wide range of plywood, laminates, doors and more. Add them to your cart and get them delivered to your doorstep. Online shopping has never been easier before.

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