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Why is Firewall Technology the Only Way to Go for Your Kitchen Space?

Why is Firewall Technology the Only Way to Go for Your Kitchen Space?

Are you fond of experimental cooking? Is the kitchen area, the one place you step into when you want to de-stress? Do you think of the kitchen as being more than just a room in the house? Then chances are that you will want to design a modular kitchen you are proud of.

The kitchen area happens to be the most fire-prone area in your house. Apart from being constantly exposed to open flames while cooking, many indian cooking utensils, accessories and even dirt and grease can catch fire and cause fire-related accidents to worsen. That is why it is absolutely necessary to choose the raw materials for your kitchen design after careful consideration.

One of the best materials available in the Indian market is fire-retardant plywood. After arduous research and continuous innovation, CenturyPly has launched the tried and tested Firewall Technology.

Firewall Technology works with special nanoengineered particles that help in containing the spread of fire on the surface of the plywood, giving you more time to take precautionary measures. In a place like the kitchen area, fire retardant plywood is the only way to go! Read on to find out what makes it perfect for your kitchen space.

Why is Firewall Technology the Only Way to Go for Your Kitchen Space?

     Plywood with Firewall Technology has been certified to be the best in class of fire-retardant plywood by Indian, American and British standards.

     It has a slow rate of burning. Unlike regular plywood which burns within seconds, it takes approximately 30 minutes for the plywood with Firewall technology to catch fire. A slow rate of burning provides you with the extra time you need to get prepared to take corrective action against an unfortunate fire event.

     Firewall Technology has low flammability, which means that it takes approximately 35 minutes for the flame to spread and start a sequence of ignitions in the surroundings. This property of Firewall Technology checks the spread of fire devastation.

     In comparison to regular plywood, plywood with Firewall Technology has slower flame penetration and it takes about 50 minutes for fire to penetrate into the entire surface of CenturyPly plywood with Firewall Technology.

     Due to the use of fire-retardant chemicals, there is lower emission of smoke and toxic gasses which prevent any complications that may arise from suffocation, with toxic gases being a major cause of fatality in the event of a fire.

      , with toxic gases being a major cause of fatality in the event of a fire.

Choose safety first by choosing fire-retardant plywood for the kitchen. Learn everything you need to know about this revolutionary technology here: https://www.centuryply.com/firewall-technology

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