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CenturyPromise Scan karo befikar raho

We, at CenturyPly, understand that furnishing your house is not as simple as it appears to be. When you create something, the idea of creation itself comes with a sense of responsibility to assure that your creation checks all the boxes of ideal conditions.

A house that is devoid of furniture, is halfway to being your cosy and comfortable abode. Not only this, the furniture of your house defines your personality and helps you fulfil your aspirations.

A good study is way up to a good career, a better workstation is directly proportional to a better raise and the best bed can give the best flight to your dreams!

With this sentimental idea about furniture, let us offload the major burden from your shoulders with the CenturyPromise App.

CenturyPromise? How can a digital app help in something as tangible as plywood?

CenturyPly is known for its innovative technologies that have given plywood its share of importance. CenturyPromise is one such innovation of CenturyPly.

With the menace of counterfeiting of plywood rising day by day, it became a necessity for a trustworthy brand like CenturyPly itself to checkmate this fraudulent market practice so that the consumers do not have to compromise on the quality of plywood unknowingly.

Pheww! Finally! But how can it help us tackle the issue of plywood duplicity?

CenturyPromise app comes with multiple benefits that help us keep our promise to keep you stress-free about the authenticity of our plywood:

1. QR code scanner: If you ever wondered that why is there a QR code present on every CenturyPly plywood, get ready for the revelation!

This QR code is meant to be scanned in order to know that you are getting the quality that you bought. CenturyPromise has a QR code scanner that helps you to scan the QR code on any plywood and tell if the plywood in question is a real CenturyPly or just some con man trying to be funny with us!

This way you will not have to worry at all about the duplicity of plywood.

       • Addition to this it also display below information .

       • Size of the plywood

       • Thickness of plywood

       • CenturyPly brand 

       • Factory name where the plywood is manufactured

       • Manufacturing date

2. E-warranty: While QR code scanner is a major relief to the prevalent issues, it isn’t the only marvellous resort that CenturyPly offers you. Now you can also download the warranty of your plywood at any point in time, from anywhere! No more waiting for the physical warranty cards!

These two benefits are particularly helpful for architects and dealers. Buying plywood in bulk can come as a challenge to be cautious about the authenticity of each of the plywood. There have been malpractices in the market to mix the good apples with the rotten ones! This might keep you in an illusion that the whole consignment is of real plywood and this mirage will render you helpless on the quality aspect.

But no more lying with CenturyPromise. This is a hassle-free way to be assured of quality.

In the end, we would like to propose to you that you deal with fake people. Let the plywood be our forte!

Download CenturyPromise app, Scan Karo, Befikar Raho!

Know more - https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise

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