Who Says Interior Design is not for Studio Apartments?
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Who Says Interior Design is not for Studio Apartments?

People with a studio apartment often face challenges while selecting the best decorative items to make their home look spacious. It is generally perceived that small apartments don’t need interior design. However, in reality, the application of interior designing principles makes small apartments worth living. Apart from the rules of interior decorations, it is also essential to buy the best items that complement your small house and make it look luxurious and well organised.

These days decorative laminates are becoming an essential part of interior decoration because they offer a unique blend of value, elegance and durability. CenturyPly has curated one of the best ranges of decorative laminates that enhance the look of a small apartment without making any structural changes. This article explains how you can use laminates to beautify your small apartment.


Interior Designing Rules to Enhance Small Apartment Look

Living in a studio apartment means you need to fit a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc., in a tiny space. It can be a challenging task, but if you follow certain rules, you can create a luxurious and welcoming space for your family.

Following are some critical steps you must follow for a dreamy small apartment.

1. Smart division of space

The first step to making your apartment worth living is to separate the living area with a sliding glass door. This step is helpful for creating a bedroom without blocking the sunlight. You can choose laminates for the sliding doors to add a touch to your style and preference while reducing the chances of scratch or wear.

2. Choose multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is the best option for saving space in a small apartment. These include sofa-cum-bed, foldable tables, etc. However, before choosing any furniture, you must determine the place where you will place it so that you know the dimension of the furniture required for your home.

After getting the furniture to your place, you need to follow one simple step to increase its aesthetic value and durability, i.e., cover it with CenturyLaminates. These laminates are abrasion resistant, easy to clean and offer incredible colour fastness technology. All these features are necessary to maintain the new look of the furniture for many years.

3. Keep surface clean and clutter-free

Cluttered objects can make a large house look tiny and cramped. Therefore, if you have a studio apartment, you need to make extra effort to keep the surface clean and place small items in proper storage boxes. You can use cabinets, hydraulic beds, shelves, etc., as storage areas. However, if the cabinets and shelves are not finished properly, they can negatively impact your interior decoration.

Thankfully CenturyLaminates offer a wide range of designs and textures like wood, stone, solid colours, etc., to suit your space and taste. These laminates also come in a glossy finish that can make your house look lively.

4. Install reflective surfaces

One of the cleverest tricks to make your small apartment look spacious is to use reflective surfaces of light shades. You can also use sheer curtains to get the natural light filters through them throughout the day. Installing a mirror on the wall opposite a window can reflect light into the house and make it look more spacious. However, it is not always necessary that you will be able to hang a mirror against a window. In this situation, you can count on glossy laminates.

The Lucida laminates are specially curated to offer shine and reflective surface to cabinets, doors, etc. Apart from increasing the intensity of light in a room, these laminates increase the aesthetic appeal in an effortless manner

5. Statement wall design

As the space is limited in a studio apartment, you can go for decorating one wall that speaks a story and which is the centre of attraction. You can go for large-sized wall art, highlight it with the colour of your choice, introduce some textures to it, etc. There are multiple options to highlight the wall as the focal point of your house. However, all these methods require huge effort, investment, and creativity.

 If you want an easy and more efficient solution to design a statement wall, you must consider getting CenturyLaminates that come in multiple colours, textures and finishes. These laminates are easy to install and have increased durability. So you don’t need to worry about their maintenance cost.

6. Design a smart kitchen

It doesn’t matter if your house is small or large; designing a kitchen is always challenging. In a studio apartment, you need to be extra careful while installing laminates because they are constantly exposed to water and high temperature. Therefore, you must install Lucida laminates that are tested to withstand temperatures as high as 180 degrees Celsius. Moreover, their super glossy finish is scuff, abrasion and water resistant.


When you are done decorating your dream studio apartment, take a step back and look at all the details of the apartment. This is helpful in determining any section of your house that may require some change. If you are satisfied with the end result, consider hosting a party for your loved ones and don’t worry about the stains or damage to your wall or furniture. The CenturyLaminates cover your house from potential damages like spills, scuffs, etc.


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