Corporate buildings need not be boring
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Corporate buildings need not be boring

When we think of corporate cities all that comes to mind are huge buildings with glass windows all over the façade, now the shapes and sizes of these buildings may vary but when placed together all of them look alike which gives the whole corporate space a monotonous look, so monotonous that it often becomes very difficult to distinguish between two adjacent offices without looking at their signage.

Now wouldn’t you want your company to stand apart within this steel and concrete jungle? There’s a reason why bees are attracted to the most beautiful flowers in the woods.

Think innovatively, stand apart and let your corporate building be the flower of the concrete jungle to effectively attract more clients/customers.

One very fruitful way to do so is by using exterior wall claddings and the ones from CenturyExteria are undoubtedly the best. Now you might have a lot of questions like, do exterior wall claddings last long? What about the effect of adverse weather conditions?

Don’t you worry there’s a reason why we call CenturyExteria the best.

What makes CenturyExteria the Best!

There are a lot of reasons why CenturyExteria have the best exterior wall cladding in the market, let’s discuss some properties briefly:

1)    Weather protect

Here’s the answer to your question, what about the adverse weather conditions? After extensive research and conducting a lot of tests the exterior wall claddings from CenturyExteria were successfully engineered to withstand heat, cold and even extreme rainy conditions with ease. So whatever may be the conditions outside you won’t have to worry about your building having a sunstroke or a fever!

2)    Acoustic resistance

This is like giving your building earplugs, with acoustic resistance you and your employees will face no disturbance from the noise pollution outside and will help everyone work in peace with utmost focus.

3)    Double hardened 

To make sure that the exteriors are tough and durable we’ve used double hardened resins. This ensures safety from UV radiation that aims to brittle the laminates and also protects it from moisture that could have otherwise disintegrated the structure of the outer look of your home.

4)    Bending resistant  

What makes CenturyExteria even more durable and longer lasting is its resistance towards bending. Most of those cheap chinese claddings wear and tear over time but that is not the case with CenturyExteria.

5)    Double side decoratives

We have never compromised on the aesthetics while maintaining the durability and longevity of our products and thus we made sure the same happens with exterior cladding, for this reason we used double side decoratives giving you no reason to choose from those good looking chinese claddings. 

6)    Fire retardant

As a brand we believe that safety comes first and thus we made sure that this exterior cladding is fire retardant i.e., it protects you in case of an unavoidable fire breakdown. 


Bottom line, CenturyExteria is the best choice to make your exteriors stand out while not worrying about its durability and longevity.

You can know about more salient features of CenturyExteria here:


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