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Which Areas Should You Use Antiviral Laminates in?

Which Areas Should You Use Antiviral Laminates in? - CenturyPly

The world of interior decor was completely metamorphosed with the entry of High Pressure Laminates. Their stunning aesthetics, highly functional nature has proved to be of great service, whether you’re looking for a home improvement project or thinking of remodeling your office space. 


Laminates have the inherent quality of making any surface they’re applied to look rich and eye-catching. They can even mimic expensive materials like timber, stone or marble and it is this aspect of a HPL that has shot their popularity among professionals & homeowners alike. The numerous benefits of HPL are as follows: 


  • The options that laminates provide are unlike any material. The upper layer can be printed with any pattern or color, so the possibilities are infinite.
  • They have exceptional build quality and resist everyday wear and tear, making them last a long time. 
  • They can stand changes in weather and hence do not shrink or swell when humidity levels change.
  • They are truly versatile and can be applied to a variety of surfaces like countertops, furniture, wardrobes, etc.

Apart from these, our CenturyLaminates have an additional benefit that can prove extremely useful at your home. They are manufactured using ViroKill technology, which makes them antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial. A ViroKill laminate will kill up to 99.99% germs that come into its contact through highly energized nanoparticles.


Let’s talk about some areas as well as some creative ways you can make use of these antiviral laminates in your home: 

Gorgeous Wall Panelling

Laminates are much more affordable than wood, yet they can give the same elegant and luxurious look that solid wood has. A laminate paneled wall in your living room will catch everyone’s attention every time they visit your home. It will look especially gorgeous behind the television console or the dining table.

If you have children at home, chances are that they are keen tactile explorers of their surroundings. These antiviral laminate wall panels will keep your children safe from any harm caused by viruses, without limiting their sense of exploration of their homely surroundings.

Recreate Marbled Designs

Which Areas Should You Use Antiviral Laminates in? - CenturyPly

If there is any piece of furniture that could use an extra layer of antiviral protection, it is a table. From the dining table to a coffee table, these furniture elements hold many things--our food is just one of the many things. To prevent any contamination of food or edibles, antiviral laminates are essential.

Tables made of stones are extremely expensive as they require a lot of work. However, their upscale look cannot be ignored. Our Silk Tuff Laminates are a cost-effective way to get that same appearance. A dining table or a coffee table with a natural stone look can make your home look chic. You can also use these marbled designs to add character to a statement furniture, be it a TV table, drawer, center table or more.


Vibrant Kitchen

The kitchen is another hotspot for germs and viruses to grow and multiply. In order to maintain the optimum levels of hygiene in the kitchen, antiviral laminates are the way to go. Laminates are the easiest to apply to horizontal surfaces and a kitchen countertop is an ideal place. Go with the high-gloss solid colored Lucida Laminates for your kitchen to make it appear more lively and radiant. They are also easy to maintain but take care that you don’t use any abrasive cleaning agents when wiping the surface. 

Aesthetic Shelf and Wall Enclave

Which Areas Should You Use Antiviral Laminates in? - CenturyPly

Giving a laminate finish to your bookshelf or wall enclaves can make your interiors pop. Try matte finish or the ever-loved wooden look to make your shelves interesting. You can also add a dollop of creativity by installing laminated in your inner wall enclaves and place art objects to make your home look minimalistic and artsy. 

Decorative laminates are perfect for places that experience regular wear and tear like your bedroom or living room. There many creative ways you can use laminates to create an authentic and exotic look. They are highly durable and last a long time without losing their lustre. They also provide great value for money. The installation process for laminates is fairly quick and easy. All these features have made laminates the number one choice for homeowners and commercial property owners. Check out our completely antiviral range of laminates here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/

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