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Click! Click! make your neighbour click pictures

If your dream of building a dream house doesn’t involve making the passersby stop a second and stare, are you doing it right?

Your house dictates your persona. The way you decorate your home, maintain and utilize it speaks of you as a person. Who doesn’t want to come home to see a beautiful sight every day and who wouldn’t want all the neighbours taking pictures of how gorgeous their home looks?

A beautiful home doesn’t mean it’s just for the show. With CenturyExteria one can now achieve beautiful homes that come at the cost of functionality and convenience. CenturyExteria is Centuryply's high-pressure laminate exterior cladding that promises to revolutionize home and office exteriors. Strength and style are now brought together to meet all your home needs in one product. Exterior wall claddings can be used not only to turn up the look at notch, but it provides extra protection and additional strength to your home.

Beautify home by giving a pristine look to your outsides with exquisite wall cladding. With a wide range of options in wood-grain, stone, abstracts, and surprisingly strong shadings, CenturyExteria is your ideal sidekick with regards to improving outdoor covers. There are multiple reasons for you to choose CenturyExteria and here are some - 

Weather resistant

The first concern of using exterior laminates is its resistance to changing weather conditions and CenturyExteria cover all these concerns. Our high-pressure laminates are equipped against heavy rains, storms, harsh sunlight, dust, and ensure protection against UV rays. Therefore, no damage takes place even in extreme climatic conditions.

Assemble, disassemble and reuse

Our exterior laminates are curated in a way that makes disassembling and reassembling easy and can be done in a hassle-free manner. We use an eco-friendly approach for its panels whereby these laminates can be dismantled. You can now reuse these wall claddings to your convenience.

Double hardened resin

CenturyExteria uses double hardened resins to impregnate the paper which gives the product an enhanced amount of sturdiness and strength.

Tough and Sturdy

CenturyExteria is engineered to give you strength and stability. These high-pressure laminates ensure high pull-out strength and give you the benefit of stronger walls. Being ultra-durable, they are also impact resistant whereby dents and dimples do not occur and your exteriors remain as immaculate as new for a very long time.

Ventilated facade system and self-supporting

The ventilated facade system by CenturyExteria panels are designed to make consumers’ lives easier with their use and ensures that your space has natural ventilation and also aids in reducing heat absorption. They are also self-supporting and do not require a complete supporting system.


Our wall claddings are manufactured to provide an additional layer of safety to your homes, even in times of accidents and mishaps. Centuryply’s exterior cladding is fire retardant based on the European standard of EN 438 Class #1 and ASTM E84 Class A. Better than any average exterior cladding, these laminates let you remain stress-free about the safety of your living spaces.

Easy maintenance

A beautiful home doesn’t necessarily mean an unusual amount of care and maintenance. Our exterior wall claddings are designed to be low in maintenance and do not require any specific cleaning regime. You can now achieve gorgeous outdoors that will leave your neighbours staring and not spend too much time in maintaining this beauty.

CenturyExteria equips one to significantly improve the look of their homes with simple efforts. With our best in class exterior wall cladding, your spaces will now stand out on any given day and will make people stop and stare.

Learn more about how to achieve beautiful exteriors here:


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