What Makes the CenturyPly Firewall Technology the Best of the Best?
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What Makes the CenturyPly Firewall Technology the Best of the Best?

People build a house mainly to give their family members a secure and welcoming space. As
a result, they carefully pick each component. Homeowners prioritise the home's artistic
appeal, and as a result, they typically favour wood over other materials.

Although the plywood makes the house beautiful, it also increases the chance of fire
spreading in hazard-filled situations. CenturyPly has created plywood infused with firewall
technology, which works as a barrier to the spread of fire. This article will teach you what
makes the CenturyPly firewall technology the best! So continue reading!

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Firewall Technology Plywood: The Best of Best!

In keeping with its philosophy of providing the best products possible to its clients through
ongoing innovation, CenturyPly now offers fire-fighting plywood that is fitted with Firewall
technology to shield you and your loved ones from tragic events that could prove fatal.

The cutting-edge plywood infused with firewall technology used for preventing accidental
fires and damage to your home. It has been carefully treated to slow the spread of the fire and
give you and your family the time you need to take the appropriate action. Furthermore, once
the fire's source is eliminated, plywood self-extinguishes the fire on it.

Here are its actions:
● When creating your home or workplace space, it is sage to select fire-retardant
plywood to spare oneself from such unfateful destruction.
● Your home's kitchen is the most prone to fires. Cook with the utmost peace of mind
by choosing fire-fighting plywood as your priority.
● The human mind typically begins to panic in stressful situations, such as a fire
catastrophe, making it challenging to make rational decisions. CenturyPly's firewall
technology prevents a fire from spreading quickly, giving you the crucial extra time
you need to save yourself and your loved ones.
● Suffocation is brought on by smoke and other harmful chemicals released during fire
incidents. Firewall technology plywood significantly minimises this emission, so you
won't choke and can take appropriate action as needed.
● Once the source of the fire is eliminated, plywood that has been integrated with
Firewall technology will self-extinguish. So, in a fire-related mishap, you must
concentrate on putting out the fire and then leave.
● These top-notch firewall technology plywood are provided to you at no additional
cost. These are given at the same price as before with new enhanced fire-fighting
capabilities, offering increased safety without adding to the cost.

Features of Firewall Technology

Plywood infused with firewall technology makes it the greatest choice for residential and
commercial purposes. They consist of the following features:
Core Protection: CenturyPly plywood has firewall protection both in the core and on the
surface, providing complete fire safety. It indicates that the technology is incorporated into
the plywood's deep grain to minimise damage to the home from unintentional fire outbreaks.
Slow Spreadability: These plywood limit the spread of fire. Regular plywood typically
amplifies fire outbreaks because flames spread quickly through it. CenturyPly plywood with
firewall technology is made in such a way that it takes around 60 minutes to spread the fire
on a 19 mm thick plywood. As a result, people have adequate time to get emergency
assistance and leave the place.

Borer and Termite Proof: Termites cause severe damage to timber furniture and fire
breakouts plywood infused with firewall technology is chemically treated to avoid insect
damage and increase durability.

Self-Extinguish Qualities: The main factor contributing to the escalation of unintentional
fire is the flammability of wooden objects. CenturyPly plywood infused with firewall
technology has self-extinguishing qualities to help solve this issue. If the fire source is put
out, the burning furniture will stop. As a result, there are fewer odds of a fire spreading
further, improving resident safety.
Low Fume Production: Burning wood typically produces huge amounts of fumes that are
hazardous to human health. However, plywood infused with firewall technology produces
little fumes when a fire breaks out. It is achievable because they include compounds that
generate less smoke and are fire-retardant.

In a Nutshell

Ordinary plywood can quickly spread fire within minutes and destroy your wooden furniture
in seconds. Additionally, it produces a lot of smoke. The blazing fire causes irreversible
losses like loss of human life, trauma, accidents, mental problems, emotional and economic
instability, and destruction of priceless possessions.

According to Indian, American, and British standards, CenturyPly firewall technology is
the best in its class when evaluated against important criteria like spreadability, flammability,
penetration, and smoke generation index. Thus, by controlling the spread of fire and the
production of smoke, CenturyPly firewall technology is best equipped to combat a self-
destructive fire. Visit the official CenturyPly website to learn more about this firewall
technology and place your order.

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