What are the Most Important Qualities of CenturyDoors that Make it the Best?
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What are the Most Important Qualities of CenturyDoors that Make it the Best?

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Types of CenturyDoors

        ● Club Prime CenturyDoors

        ● Moulded CenturyDoors

               ● Types of Panel Moulded Doors

        ● Sainik Doors

        ● Decorative CenturyDoors

In a nutshell


Can you picture your dream house without doors? Would you feel secure, If you didn't have doors at your home? Both of these arguments have a loud "No!".

The phrase "first impressions are frequently the last impressions" certainly applies to the doorways of our homes. Even if the opening leaves a lasting impact on visitors, the doors still seem to pass undetected unless they are aesthetically crafted. For this reason, CenturyDoors has placed equal attention on making each variety of their door highly practical, extremely secure, and impeccably engineered for the best looks.

Because safety is so important for everyone, paying close attention to every detail when manufacturing each door is important. CenturyDoors guarantee that your home is safe when you are hanging outside and that you are safe and protected when inside. These multi-quality doors keep you shielded from any worries or disruptions. They have long-lasting qualities of being bend-proof, Boiling Waterproof (BWP), swell-proof, and slam-proof.

Types of CenturyDoors

Let's examine the important characteristics of all distinct CenturyDoors in more detail.

Club Prime CenturyDoors

The Club Prime flush doors are high-density and boiling water-proof (BWP) doors. These doors are manufactured with the highest quality and serve as superior insulators against dust, noise and heat. These flush doors are strong, termite and borer proof, and made from the best grade, seasoned timber for great resilience and quality.

Special Qualities:

● Comes in multiple thicknesses

● Stable under different climatic conditions (with little expansion and contraction)

● Boiling water proof technology ensures minimum negative impacts from exposure to water.

Panel Moulded CenturyDoors

Whether your home is classic or modular, the panel Moulded doors are available in various expertly built, designer appearances, giving you an instant appeal. These durable doors are perfect for replacements during renovations, remodelling, and residential construction.

Types of Panel Moulded Doors:

Melamine Door: This panel-moulded, fully prepared factory finished door comes in 2-panels, 3-panel oval, and 4-panel variants. Teak, Sapeli, and Straight Grain Wenge are the three wood colour tones offered for these doors.

Metallic Door: These ready-to-use plywood doors are an ideal combination of luxury and spectacular use. Thanks to these termite and borer-resistant doors, assuring you a sense of satisfaction.

Plain Door: These effective ready to use aesthetically pleasing doors are again the centre of attraction for many users. These indoor panels are a sensible option for your home because they are termite and borer resistant.

White Primered Door: These are elegant, classy, and simple. They are ready-to-use doors with a five-year warranty and are termite and borer resistant.

Sainik Doors

Sainik Doors are the greatest option if you want reliable doors at a reasonable price. These environmentally sustainable doors are highly durable against weathering agents, borer, termites, and other toxic elements. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and production method, Sainik Doors guarantees to defend any entrance, whether for residential or business uses.

Special Qualities:

● Termite and borer resistance

● Resistant to severe moisture

● High strength and screw holding capability

● Requires minimal maintenance

● Offers a seven-year warranty

Decorative CenturyDoors

The Decorative CenturyDoors are as attractive to look at as they are durable. These doors are constructed with the highest-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. They can survive the hardest weather conditions without losing any of their beauty.

Special Qualities:

● Up to 5 years of warranty

● Resistant to termites and borer

● Comes in multiple designs and variations

In a nutshell

CenturyDoors, one of India's top flush door producers, offers a selection of elegant entrances that are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable. In addition to using the most recent technology, CenturyDoors has established a standard with a wide range of doors divided into basic flush doors, panel moulded doors, and decorative doors. Visit the CenturyPly EShop for doorstep delivery by clicking here: https://www.centuryply.com/eshop

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