Waterproof Furniture Design for Bedroom with SAINIK Plywood
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Waterproof Furniture Design for Bedroom with SAINIK Plywood


Interior design has become an integral part of everyone's home. It creates a scheme that looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional too. A well-designed interior is essential for the ambience of the building. It is the soul of the building. Modern industrialisation has brought a revolution in the field of interior design. It has taught us how to use different materials for the interior to make it look more pleasing. When looking for a robust interior material, turn to CenturyPly products, Sainik Plywood is one of those materials, which is an ideal material for decorating your interior and making it look more elegant.

If building the comfiest and most luxurious home translates to the highest level of satisfaction for you, too, this CenturyPly product is for you. Make the furniture and interior of your house look more elegant and futuristic with Sainik Plywood– the best quality Plywood in the market. Explore what makes Sainik Plywood ideal for furniture design for bedroom areas.

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What is Sainik Plywood?

Benefits of using Sainik Plywood

           ◆ Withstand Extreme Outer Conditions

           ◆ Perfect Density & Moisture Content

           ◆ Water & Termite Resistant

Where to use Sainik Plywood?


What is Sainik Plywood?

Plywood has become the preferable option for people in the last few decades for their interior decoration. You will notice most of the interior designs are made of Plywood, as they are reliable, long-lasting, and readily available in the market.

The plywood consists of multiple layers of wood piled against each other using glue. Then what makes Sainik Plywood better than the regular ones? The Sainik Plywood is made by stacking wood layers under high pressure, using unique glue lining technology. The Sainik Plywood has the highest density compared to other plywood in the market, making it more solid and resistant to external conditions.

Benefits of using Sainik Plywood

There are several benefits of using Sainik plywood for your interior furniture design for bedroom areas, including

Withstand Extreme Outer Conditions

Generally, regular plywood gets torn due to heat, moisture, and extreme outer conditions. Over the long run, you will note plywood to be bending or chipping. Standard plywood is more susceptible to damage.

Unlike regular plywood, Sainik Plywood is more durable and robust. It can withstand any extreme condition without changing its original form. Moreover, the plywood will remain unchanged in terms of looks, finish, colour and everything else for years.

Perfect Density & Moisture Content

As per Indian standards, good plywood should have a moisture content of between five to fifteen per cent to have a strong and dense build. The Sainik plywood is built as per the industry standards to meet the customer's highest expectations and offer them a pleasant and best experience. The Sainik plywood has the proper moisture content and is perfectly dense and robust to serve as an interior element.

Water & Termite Resistant

Most of the plywood, which claims itself as "Waterproof Plywood," comes with varnish, which disallows water from entering the plywood. However, with the depletion of the varnish layer, the plywood can be easily ruined with water.

Unlike regular plywood, the Sainik Plywood is certified and tested waterproof plywood, where the plies don't get separated, even after putting them in 100 degree Celsius boiling water. Moreover, the plywood is resistant to termites and borers.

Where to use Sainik Plywood?

You can use Sainik plywood as furniture design for bedroom areas or anywhere, per your requirements. But make sure to use plywood in the furniture or interior, which is exposed to extreme conditions like the kitchen interior. Using the plywood in the kitchen's interior is a must, as the kitchen is a warm and humid area due to the heat & moisture generated from cooking.

This revolutionary plywood is available countrywide at a uniform and reasonable rate of Rs. 105/unit (1 unit= 929sq.cm approx incl GST). Even most experts have mentioned that the superb quality of Sainik plywood in the economic range makes it an ideal option for interior decoration.

Being durable and economical for the users, it offers longer life and minimal maintenance. The plywood has a superior surface finish, which makes it shiny and smooth than others. Moreover, the plywood has been made with the best quality woods to transform into the best-looking  furniture.


Decorating the interior with Sainik plywood will be your ideal furniture design for the bedroom, as it offers maximum durability and strength against termites and extreme outer conditions. The plywood has gone through rigorous testing without getting affected. It has been proven to have the best quality material, which can resist hot and humid conditions without changing its shape. Explore the reasonable pricing and avail of interesting discounts on the CenturyPly portal. It's time to enjoy the perks of waterproof furniture!

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