Using Century PVC Starke Boards to Elevate your Home Décor - CenturyPly
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Using Century PVC Starke Boards to Elevate your Home Décor

Using Century PVC Starke Boards to Elevate your Home Décor - CenturyPly

If you need to spruce up your home interiors and are looking for the perfect material to work with, PVC boards might just be what you need. PVC is a hybrid material composed of polymer fibre, additives, calcium carbonate and other addititves . It is a fantastic green alternative to other building materials and helps you build safer homes. As it is an engineered material, it  takes away all the disadvantages of conventional building materials.

To resolve all the common problems experienced in interior decoration when using natural wood-based products, CenturyPly introduced Starke PVC boards that serves as a versatile building material having greater longevity and a wide variety of applications. These boards will allow you to discover new designs and applications that were never possible with traditional building materials. Let’s take a look at what makes PVC boards  perfect to elevate your home decor.


Using Century PVC Starke Boards to Elevate your Home Décor - CenturyPly

Starke PVC Boards  are a preferred building material amongst professionals and homeowners alike due to the numerous benefits it offers.

a) Fire-retardant: Starke is  fire retardant and does not propogate the spread of fire, thereby preventing fire related accidents.

b)  Borer & termite Proof: Starke PVC Sheet is a sensible choice for homes because its high density gives it great durability and being made of PVC makes it naturally 100% borer & termite proof, ensuring that all your interior and exterior elements last a long time.

c) Waterproof: You can use Starke PVC Sheets in areas that may be exposed to water or humid conditions for long durations. Because of its 100% waterproof nature, PVC boards  are suitable for all interior projects.

d) Non-Toxic: A lot of seemingly harmless building materials expel harmful gases and toxic fumes into the air. Starke is certified to be 100% formaldehyde, phenol and toxic free for safer, healthier & happier homes.

e) No Shrinking or Swelling: If you are looking for a building material that does not shrink or swell and maintains its shape for many years to come, PVC boards  are perfect for the job. They are perfectly calibrated and ensure that your home decor retains its design just the way you intended it to.

f) Bacteria & Fungus Proof : Many homeowners are looking for creative ways to minimize hygiene risks at home. Apart from causing health hazards, if microorganisms are allowed to sit on any decorative surface, they can cause mal odors and staining. Bacteria & fungus proof  Starke PVC boards  therefore, are a true blessing to the design community.

Using Century PVC Starke Boards to Elevate your Home Décor - CenturyPly

g) High Workability: It is easy to create a great ambience using PVC sheets through digital printing, veneers, laminates as well as CNC and waterjet cutting. Its high workability means that a customer can virtually create any design they can think of, limited only by their imagination.

PVC sheets come with an inexhaustible list of advantages that make it one of the best building materials on offer today. So, if you want to add a unique touch to your home decor, choose Century PVC boards  to create unimaginably beautiful & unforgettable designs that are sure to leave an indelible mark on people’s minds.

Check out Starke PVC sheets here:


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