Top 5 Reasons to Choose CenturyDoors for your Home
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose CenturyDoors for your Home

Top 5 Reasons to Choose CenturyDoors for your Home

Choosing the right door for your home is task number one on many homeowner’s lists. It is only natural to want to walk through the front door of your home and feel happy, healthy and secure. Afterall, the entrance to your home is what sets the tone for it. 

But are you afraid that you will have to compromise on the beauty of your door? 

Not to worry because CenturyDoors brings you a beautiful collection of entrances that are not just aesthetically superior, but also highly functional. Read on as we discuss the top 5 reasons why you should choose CenturyDoors.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose CenturyDoors for your Home

Reason #1: Double-Lock System

Turn your home into a safe haven instantly with the double-lock system of CenturyDoors!

The primary benefit that we seek from a door is its ability to make us feel safe and happy in our own home. To reassure you of your safety, CenturyDoors come with the provision of both-side double-lock systems to offer you extra safety and the feeling of security.

Not only that, the both-side lock system makes the entire installation process a piece of cake!

Reason #2:  Borer & Termite Proof

Many doors fall prey to borer & termite attacks, losing their ability to protect homes. That is why CenturyDoors were designed to have immunity to problems caused by borer & termites. Safety from damage and decay saves both money and effort of renovation and allows you to heave a sigh of relief, for a long time to come.

Reason #3: Swell-Proof

Doors act as a protector of your home from all outsiders, including the natural forces like changing temperature conditions, weather and more. Premium Boiling Water Proof CenturyDoors were therefore carefully manufactured using the latest technology so that they have high resistance to water damage and swelling. 

Reason #4: Bend-Proof

CenturyDoors come with excellent dimensional stability, superior strength and high resistance to warping, ensuring that no amount of natural expansion or contraction results in bending of the doors. 

Reason #5: Slam-Proof

Are you tired of trying and failing to shut your door carefully, without a sound? Does the sound of slamming doors give you nightmares? Then CenturyDoors are perfect for you! CenturyDoors are not only swell-proof and bend-proof, but slam-proof, too so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet at your home.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose CenturyDoors for your Home

With several benefits like strength, durability and absolute resilience against the vagaries of weather, CenturyDoors is the way to go for your new home. You can choose to beautify the door you select with our award-winning laminates & veneers, too. 

Check out more information about our range of doors here: 

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