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Exploring CenturyDoors & its Features

Can you imagine your dream home without a door? Would you feel safe if there were no doors at your residence? The answer to both these questions is a resounding ‘No!’.


It is said that the first impression is usually the last and this is especially true for the entrances to our homes. Though the entrance creates a lasting impression on a visitor’s mind, somehow the doors seem to go unnoticed unless they are elegantly designed. It is because of this very reason that CenturyDoors have laid equal emphasis on making each variant of their door highly functional, supremely secure and immaculately designed for the best aesthetics.


All our doors are manufactured giving special attention to all the details because safety is paramount to us. Our doors ensure that your house is protected when you are outside and you are safe when inside and you stay insulated and secure from all worries or intrusions. They are Boiling Waterproof in nature, bend-proof, swell-proof, slam-proof and last a long, long time. Let’s take a closer look at all the CenturyDoors and its several unique features.




Club Prime Doors are high quality Boiling Waterproof doors of high density that act as excellent insulators against dust, heat and noise. Made from the finest quality seasoned timber for high resistance and quality, these flush doors are extremely durable and termite and borer proof. These doors are E1 emission compliant.

They offer:


       10 years warranty against borer & termite attacks

       Accurate thickness

       Climate stability with minimum expansion and contraction

       Shower-safe technology, which guarantees minimum impact from exposure to hot water




Century Doors Pro are premium doors that do not cost a fortune. They offer high strength, quality and character. These doors have a very smooth surface that ensures aesthetic appeal and superior bonding of laminates and veneers.

Special features:


       7 years warranty

       Wrap Resistant

       High Screw Holding Capacity

       Impact Resistant

       Specially selected timber to make the Doors naturally resistant to borers and termites]

       Compact and innovative assembly of the fillers to prevent the Doors from warping and make them free of undulations






If you want sturdy yet affordable doors, Sainik Doors are your best bet. These eco-friendly Doors are resistant to borer & termites, weathering agents and other harmful factors. Be it commercial or residential applications, Sainik Doors vouches to protect any entrance, thanks to its modern technology and manufacturing process.

They come with:


       5 years warranty

       Termite & borer resistance

       Heavy moisture resistance

       High strength &  screw holding capacity

       Minimal maintenance needs




Whether your home is predominantly traditional or contemporary, Panel Moulded CenturyDoors come in a range of crafted, designer looks that will create an instant appeal. These long-lasting doors are ideal for both new construction as well as replacements during renovation and remodeling. They are available in 2-panel, 3-panel, 3-panel oval, 4-panel & 6-panel variants.

These doors are:



       Under 5 years of warranty

       Primered or white coloured doors allow easy painting and polishing as per the room interiors.

       Strong screw holding capacity and larger hardwood frames for higher strength and unmatched durability.

       Great aesthetic appeal and available in multiple designs & shades.

       Have a green advantage as they consume less wood and help conserve forests.

       Termite and borer resistant.

       Surface density over 900kg/m³

       Great aesthetic appeal

       Eco Friendly

       Color Variants




Century Decorative Doors are gorgeous to look at and sturdy as they come. These waterproof doors are covered with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets or Veneer sheets which give them their distinctively beautiful finish. Carved from the best raw materials available and cut by latest cutting-edge machines, these all-weather doors are capable of withstanding the harshest of climatic conditions, without even a scratch to their exquisiteness.

They offer:


       7 years warranty

       Climatic stability

       Termite & borer resistance

       Superior surface finish

       Huge design variants


Choose from an exotic range of Century Laminates and Century veneers and adorn your doors with the best surface solution we have to offer.

Now that you know about our versatile door collection, explore them in detail here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurydoors/



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