Tips and Tricks To Incorporate Hygiene in Your Home
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Tips and Tricks To Incorporate Hygiene in Your Home

Hygienic spaces have something about them that creates a positive and charming aura in your home. We all know it, and we all want it. A lot of things - habits and mindful decisions - go into incorporating hygiene in your home. It’s on you to choose the best, hassle-free, and tested solutions for your abode - from picking the right sofa to getting that perfect cabinet for the kitchen and everything that makes your home yours.

Here are some tricks and tips that can help you introduce hygiene and make a world of difference to your spaces and make them a beautiful and safe haven. Read on to know all about it:

When it comes to making decisions about your home, you would not want to compromise both on safety and aesthetics ever. And you know what the best thing is - you don’t even have to. The house of CenturyPly brings to you the stunning decorative laminates made using ViroKill technology. All the laminates from high-gloss to matte finish are embedded with highly energized particles that have the potential to kill more than 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and microbes that land on the laminate surface.

ViroKill technology is the need of the hour. It is a phenomenal step to advance the aspect of hygiene in the world of interior design. You can add this decorative layer to all your furniture pieces, walls, and doors in every space of your home. Layering your home with laminates exponentially adds life to your spaces and makes them appealing to the eyes.

CenturyLaminates have a versatile portfolio with something for everyone. From wooden texture to glossy finish and from European marble finish to specialty laminates, there is every pattern, shade and design that one can envisage. All the laminates come with the exceptional ViroKill technology and are sure to make your home free from minuscule organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. The technology is safe to use and would remain as long as the product retains its integrity.

Made under high pressure, CenturyLaminates are incredibly durable and robust. Moreover, the laminates are highly resistant to scuff, water, heat, stains and malodor, thus making your space look top-notch all the time. 

Now that you know the secret behind making your space hygienic than ever, it’s time to dress up your home with the laminates embedded with ViroKill technology. Kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungus that land on your furniture surfaces and live life peacefully and aesthetically. Click here to know more:

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