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Inspect and implement. Do no neglect

What’s a home if it isn’t the place you feel the safest and most comfortable at?

The first factor one considers while building a house or moving into one is the safety of it. The place needs to make you feel secure and let you sleep sound at night without worries. The decisions you make in your foundations affect the future of the building on it. Picking the right materials means taking precautions to ensure safety.

CenturyPly has always focused on making its customers’ homes comfortable and beautiful and safety is just another part of it. We take extra precautions to make your homes and lives as safe as possible. We design newer technologies that protect your furniture and your homes against possible accidents. Take the extra step to make sure your house is protected against mishaps.

Plywood is found across several parts of your house. From furnishings to storage spaces, they make up the building materials for multiple articles around your home. With newer technologies coming into play, it is only natural that your plywood gets upgraded to fight everything that poses a threat to it. Fire, being one of the fastest ways to destroy your plywood, is now not a worry with Centuryply’s Firewall technology. Indigenously designed by Centuryply, with firewall technology when ingrained in your plywood, is your in house firefighter. Firewall technology involves embedding nanoparticles into the polymer matrix of the plywood which installs firefighting abilities into your wooden articles from beds, tables, chairs to cabinets, countertops and floorings.

Firewall was tried and tested for parameters like flammability, spreadability, penetration, and smoke-developed index and plywoods enriched with our technology performed superior under standard test conditions to the benchmarks determined by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 as well as British standards BS 476. Firewall comes with multiple benefits like -

Prevents fire from spreading -

Surfaces with Firewall technology do not support the spread of fire and do not act as a medium for fire to consume. When the source of fire is removed from contact, Firewall technology also helps plywood self-extinguish.

Low smoke emission -

The major factor that affects people involved in fire accidents are the toxic fumes that are inhaled. They can lead to suffocation and even death. However, with fire-retardant technology, the smoke emission rate is lower than ordinary plywood, ensuring extra security and extra time during the case of a fire mishap.

Flame penetration rate -

Plywood with this technology shows impressive resistance to fire spreading rapidly. When the fire reaches the surface, it doesn't de-laminate and keeps the structural integrity intact because plywood enriched with Firewall technology has a flame penetration rate that is greater than 3 times the thickness of plies in minutes. These are results from tests conducted on firewall plywood.

Centuryply’s main focus is to give your homes the beauty it deserves. With our products and services we ensure we deliver on this promise and take every precaution to ensure safety and sustainability of our products. Our products come with best in class technologies ingrained in it. The authenticity of our products is also verified in a single step on the CenturyPromise App.

Installing plywood with firefighting abilities is your first step to making your homes safe. Your homes should be where your loved ones can find peace and comfort so pick the right building blocks for your house and ensure the ones that live there are safe. These precautionary measures aren’t negligible factors so inspect and implement today!

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