This is Why We Recommend Using Antiviral Laminates
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This is Why We Recommend Using Antiviral Laminates

Antiviral laminates from the house of CenturyPly have taken the design world by storm. These are High Pressure Laminates that have been specially manufactured to include best in class antiviral properties in the laminates using ViroKill technology.

This latest technology is an exceptional addition to the designing world. Antiviral properties are deeply embedded inside the laminates and help kill more than 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus and microbes that land on the laminate surface, making it safer than ever before.

The antiviral properties are non-leaching, non-hazardous and valid for the lifetime of the furniture. The perfectly designed antiviral laminates are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns, such that your adobe always remains timeless. From neutral to bold and playful shades, you can complement almost every decor scheme with these AntivIral HPL.

Also, CenturyLaminates are highly resistant to scratches, scuff, water, stains and malodour. They are easy to clean and maintain and also quite light on the pocket. Let’s look at some ways to dress up your home with Antiviral laminates, the choice of experts:

1. A Elegant and Hygienic Kitchen
Antiviral laminates are ideal for creating kitchen designs to fall in love with. Kitchen is usually the most used room in the house, and thus it is important to take care that the kitchen is neat and clean. But there’s more to it than what’s visible to the eyes. Keep the space free from viruses, fungi, germs and bacteria with antiviral laminates, and enjoy carefree cooking sessions.

2. Don’t Host Germs in Your Dining Room
Host your family and friends with delicious food and interesting conversations, and not germs that can have an impact on your health. Using Antiviral laminates as a surface solution kills all the microbes and viruses that may be present on the dining table surface. Make a rule to keep this space as hygienic as it can be. Moreover, CenturyLaminates are completely safe and stain and scratch free, so don’t worry if a fork drops here and there.

3. Relax in Virus free bedrooms
When you retire into a resting state after a long day, the thing that you least need to be concerned about is the bedroom hygiene. Opt for what suits your unique style from our wide range of woodgrains and textured antiviral laminates, especially for surfaces that you frequently come in contact with, like the bedframe and the side table.

The bottom line: Creating a home isn’t only about making it aesthetically pleasing, but about making it safe, comfortable and secure. Take your journey to interior beauty and hygiene to the next step with laminates made using ViroKill technology, that are known to kill more than 99% bacteria and fungi that land on the laminate surface. Explore our complete range of laminates here:

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