Corporate offices need to think beyond fire extinguishers
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Corporate offices need to think beyond fire extinguishers

Whether you work in an older building or just have moved into a brand new modern office space, taking the time to assess the hazards posed in your office could prevent unnecessary risks. Fire is undoubtedly one such risk that holds power to take the lives of people.

There is a never ending list of things in the office that can be responsible for starting an office fire. The overloading of the extension cables, broken cables, overheating of machines can all be causes of fire at your workplace. Moving ahead, if you think that your office is free from combustibles because there are no oils, gases or open flames then we’d like to burst your bubble as there are other risk factors in every commercial building. A few of them are as follows:

     Paper - No doubt you have stacks of paper or cardboard almost everywhere in the office. Paper is one of the best fuels for any fire to spread with. Hence, it is essential to keep all the piles of papers away from the heat sources.

     Dust - Known to cause fires where spaces have not been properly ventilated or cleaned. The reason why it is recommended for any office spaces adjoining factories well-ventilated with an extractor fan.

     Cleaning liquids - As much as they help in cleaning off the office, these liquids can help fire to increase. Cleaning liquids can be highly flammable and must be stored correctly to prevent accidents.

 With a lot of offices opening back again after a while, it is essential to look into safety matters more than ever. The pandemic in the world proved to us how significant it is to ensure safety. It is also valid in the corporate world as people spend most of their time in offices. Thus, it is time for corporate offices to think beyond fire extinguishers and bring in a solution that prevents fire itself. 

For this very purpose, CenturyPly has introduced a technology that shall stand between the corporate office and the havoc that is created by fire with Firewall technology.

Firewall - Aag se bachaye

The Firewall is a nanoengineered technology where nanoparticles are embedded in the plywood in order to provide it with fire retardant properties. The nanoparticles in the plywood from the house of CenturyPly safeguards you from fire as it has these following characteristics:

1. Low flammability - The fire technology  plywood has low flammability as it takes at least half an hour( 19 mm thickness under standard lab condition)  for fire to spread from one surface to other . This gives a good amount of time to people to escape or combat fire in the best way possible. The plywood also comes with self-extinguishing properties too which can even stop the fire from reaching the surface.

2. Slow fire penetration - The Firewall technology makes it possible to resist flame penetration for a long 50 minutes( 19mm thickness under standard lab condition ). This gives you ample amount of time to identify the source of fire and stop it from spreading further. In case you cannot find it, then you have time to evacuate the building.

3. Minimal toxic fumes - As much as this is ignored by a lot of people but toxic fumes caused by fire can really harm your health in a disastrous way. The inhalation of smoke gase causes more fire deaths than the fire itself. CenturyPly plywood designed with Firewall technology uses fire-retardant chemicals that ensures a lesser amount of smoke generation.

Are you planning to re-open your offices? If yes then you might want to look into safety matters more than ever. Eliminate every risk of office fires and make a wise choice. Check out the Fire-retardant plywood by CenturyPly today: 


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