The Role of Plywood in Modern Interior Design
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The Role of Plywood in Modern Interior Design

Premium quality plywood creates unique, stylish, durable furniture, doors, panels, windows, etc. But what is plywood? And how is CenturyPly’s plywood the best fit for manufacturing plywood products?

Premium plywood by CenturyPly has been manufactured with multiple technologies, making it versatile. Multiple layers of plywood are adhered with quality glue to transform it into customisable furniture and other materials. CenturyPly’s plywood is better in the market as it holds multiple features than regular plywood.

The article will help you explore CenturyPly plywood's role in modern interior design.

Table of Contents

Why Choose CenturyPly Plywood?

   ○ Sainik 710

   ○ Club Prime

   ○ BWP Plywood

Features Added in the Plywood

   ○ Advanced ViroKill Technology

   ○ Firewall Technology

   ○ Bend-Resistant

   ○ Boiling Water Proof

   ○ Termite and Borer Proof

Wrapping Up!

Why Choose CenturyPly Plywood?

CenturyPly plywood has numerous options, each with unique features and an effective warranty period. Here's the list of plywoods you can count on.

Plywood Type

Warranty Period

Club Prime

30 years

Classic Marine

25 years

Sainik 710

8 years

Architect Ply


Bond 710

21 years

Win MR

5 years

Sainik MR

5 years

The warranty period ensures the durability and longevity of the plywood. However, some of the plywoods mentioned above are amongst the top picks by the customers due to their additional high-quality features. Some of the top-pick plywoods are

1. Sainik 710

The top-in-the-line plywood makes it a customer-first choice due to its unmatchable features in the market. The plywood is manufactured with multiple technologies such as borer and termite proof that automatically pushes away pests, firewall technology that resists penetration of accidental flames of fire, and virokill technology that works as a self-doctoring agent and kills harmful pathogens from its surface.

Additionally, more technologies such as bent-resistant, boiling waterproof, and moisture-resistant are incorporated. The plywood is of superior strength and is available in a wide range of sizes. The long-lasting performance of the Sainik 710 has made it popular among customers.

2. Club Prime

Club Prime is the premium quality plywood known as the ultimate wingman against fire. It means the plywood is manufactured with firewall technology, making it resistant to fire. Club Prime guarantees reliability and offers unbeatable durability with multiple other technologies. The plywood is preferred for businesses, offices, and restaurants where accidental fire chances are high. The plywood lowers the risk and provides a luxurious finish with longevity.

3.BWP Plywood

The plywood is majorly chosen for its durability and qualitative features, including boiling waterproof technology. The technology can withstand high-content moisture or water exposure, ensuring its strength, safety and longevity. The plywood is also termite and borer-proof, which enables protection against pests.

Features Added in the Plywood

Here are the reasons why CenturyPly plywood has been chosen by many customers. These additional features make plywood extraordinary in the market and are preferred by designers to create aesthetic and modern interior designs with durability and longevity.

1. Advanced ViroKill Technology

Plywoods are built with ViroKill technology that safeguards your family and loved ones from exposure to harmful pathogens. Plywood with ViroKill technology kills 99.99% of viruses and microbes when they come in contact with its surface.

But what if the plywood gets scratched or has a dent? Do not worry! Plywood is dent-resistant, and minute scratches would not affect the technology. This is because the technology incorporated in the plywood is cross-sectional and not just limited to the surface of the plywood.

2.Firewall Technology

The technology reduces the penetration rate of fire into the plywood. The firewall technology also reduces the generation of smoke that is likely to happen with regular plywood. Unlike other plywood, CenturyPly plywood does not work as fuel to fire and resist fire, offering enough time to evacuate the place and call fire extinguishers to put out the fire.


With certain accidental hits during the installation of the furniture, they get a little bent, which leaves a mark on the beauty of the furniture. CenturyPly plywood is manufactured with bent-resistant technology that enables you to be stress-free.

4.Boiling Water Proof

Many of us do not want to invest in premium plywood for kitchens and restrooms due to fear of damage from water. CenturyPly has manufactured plywood with boiling waterproof technology that does not let plywood absorb moisture or high exposure to water. Furthermore, temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius will not affect the plywood.

5. Termite and Borer Proof

Termites are prevalent in our country. Investing in premium plywood would be risky for the places where termites can eat up all your plywood slowly. Considering this, CenturyPly has used technology in the plywood that lets the termites and borers away from your furniture, keeping it safe and having a longer shelf-life without affecting a bit of a corner.

Wrapping Up!

Plywood is essential for manufacturing premium furniture, doors and other wooden materials. It is vital to choose a quality option in the market. CenturyPly is one of the leading plywood brands in the country and is trusted by many customers for its authentic and qualitative products. They offer plywood with multiple technologies and features that customers cannot resist investing in. In addition, to boost the customer's confidence in purchasing high-quality materials, they offer the best warranty period that increases the customer's satisfaction, peace and security.

CenturyPly is all about building trust between the brand and the customer. They understand your emotions for making modern interior design within budget, offering high quality and durable plywood with aesthetics. Therefore, they bring multiple plywood ranges with distinct features and sizes, suiting their needs.

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