The Best Place to Buy Fire Retardant Plywood in Just a Tap
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The Best Place to Buy Fire Retardant Plywood in Just a Tap


In the unfortunate event of a fire, regular plywood and furniture may lead the fire to spread extremely quickly and engulf the premises. A fire retardant plywood is slow to catch fire, restricts its spread, and can limit the smoke emission to provide humans the time to leave the premises and call for help in a fire accident.

The Firewall Technology by CenturyPly is an example of a manufacturing procedure that allows plywood like Architecture Ply and CenturyPly Club Prime to become fire-resistant to some extent.

Table of Contents

➔ How Does Firewall Technology Work?

➔ How Does Fire Fighting Plywood Help?

➔ Types of CenturyPly Plywoods Infused With Firewall Technology

      ◆ CenturyPly Architect Ply

      ◆ CenturyPly Club Prime

➔ Where To Buy Fire Retardant Plywood?

How Does Firewall Technology Work?

Our experts have specially developed the Firewall Technology after years of research. The firewall technology is a cross-section treatment of the plywood. It makes use of the nano-engineered particles embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood to give it exceptional fire-fighting capabilities.

The CenturyPly fire retardant plywood scores high in Indian - IS 5509, American - ASTM E84 and British standards- BS 476 of critical parameters like flammability, penetration, spreadability, and smoke developed index.

How Does a Fire Fighting Plywood Help? 

Firewall technology prevents fire from spreading quickly and prevents the plywood from acting as a vehicle for its propagation. Some other ways in which Firewall technology helps prevent fire are as follows:

●  Firewall technology helps the plywood to self-extinguish after the fire's source is eliminated.

●  Firewall technology reduces smoke emissions, preventing suffocation.

●  Customers who own fire retardant plywood gain crucial time to react and protect themselves and their loved ones, save important belongings and get the time to call for fire brigades, ambulances, and help.

CenturyPly provides firewall technology at no additional charge.

Types of CenturyPly Plywood With Firewall Technology

You can buy two types of plywood from CenturyPly that offer Firewall Technology.

 Architect Ply

The most premium, highest BWP grade plywood is the Architect Ply. It is a fire retardant plywood embedded with the Firewall and Virokill Technology. The Virokill technology makes the plywood antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.

The plywood comes with a lifetime warranty and four times money-back guarantee. Some features of the Architect Ply are as follows:

● It has been chemically treated to make it borer and termite-proof.

● The plywood is extremely uniform with very minimal thickness variation.

● It has been made with high-quality, imported gurjan faces.

●  It has been core composed which means it has no gaps or overlaps.

● The plywood is super strong plywood with negligible bending or warping.

●  It can withstand extreme weather conditions and has high durability.

Club Prime

Club Prime plywood is the only plywood sheet to pass 25 rigorous in house tests. It is an exceptional all-purpose plywood sheet that features cutting-edge technologies of Firewall and ViroKill, making it the best plywood available in the Indian market at a reasonable price.

The Club Prime plywood has most of the features of Architect Ply and provides a 30-year warranty. Some other features are

● It has Glue Shear Strength (GSS), making it 65% stronger than all other ordinary plywood.

● It will retain its strength and shape for decades and is not affected by weather changes or moisture.

● It comes with Glue Line Protection (GLP), a layer applied to the plywood for 100% protection from borers and termites.

Where To Buy Fire Retardant Plywood? 

You can now purchase fire retardant plywood from the CenturyEshop from the comfort of your home with a single tap on your phone. On the CenturyEshop, you can explore the different types of plywood available, depending on your need and budget. Then, select the size and thickness of each sheet according to your requirements and add it to the cart. Then, all you need to do is review the cart, checkout, and pay. The plywood will be delivered to the chosen location in a few days.


The CenturyEshop makes shopping for plywood easy and seamless. Fire fighting plywood ensures the safety of you and your home at no extra cost. CenturyPly's Firewall Technology provides plywood with low flammability, high fire penetration time, and low rate of burning, along with minimal smoke emission, which gives you the time to quickly get out of the situation and call for help. Choose CenturyPly for the ultimate safety and security of your family.

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