The Best Decorative Veneer For Scaling Up Your Home Aesthetics
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The Best Decorative Veneer For Scaling Up Your Home Aesthetics

Choosing the best material is imperative while you are decorating your ideal homespace. So, when you want the most premium looking luxuriant decorative veneers for your home decor, choose NatzuraWoods from CenturyVeneers.

NatzuraWoods is CenturyVeneers’ ravishingly fabulous range of natural veneers. These veneers are manufactured from exotic species which are sourced from sustainable forests

of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Inspired from the diversity in nature, this range showcases an exquisite selection of natural veneers that have been crafted to perfection by our experts, to give an uber touch to your interiors.

NatzuraWoods are 100% gurjan base veneers that are specially treated to be borer & termite resistant. Not only that, they are also boiling water-resistant. They are manufactured by using Silver Nano Technology, which makes the NatzuraWoods veneers effectively antibacterial and antifungal in nature, which means that your furniture surfaces will be beautiful, safe and hygienic for a long time to come. Century veneers also come with a state of the art anti-virus feature called Virokill which kills more than 99% viruses.

The wide range of NatzuraWoods is divided into different categories, depending upon the colour, design, texture and pattern of each category. Take a look at the samples below and you’ll realise that CenturyVeneers has something for everyone:

The Best Decorative Veneer For Scaling Up Your Home Aesthetics

These veneers from the Mystique collection are inspired from dense forests full of extraordinary flora and fauna. These smoked veneers are ideal for those who want to create a warm living space. Use them in the living room in order to create a welcoming vibe for your guests. 

The Best Decorative Veneer For Scaling Up Your Home Aesthetics

Choose from our “dark” range of NatzuraWoods to create an unforgettable look for your interiors. These dark, deep shades of natural veneers will force you to take notice of your surroundings, elevating any space to make a statement. 

The Best Decorative Veneer For Scaling Up Your Home Aesthetics

If you like lighter shades of veneer sheets, you can pick from our range of “light” veneers that reflect the beauty of life that can make even the smallest of spaces look more spacious and immaculate.

If these snapshots of CenturyVeneers has made you curious, take a look at our latest NatzuraWoods catalogue here:

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